The TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore™/AURIX™ is provided to get you up and running fast with your TriCore™/AURIX™ board.

What you get

  • TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore™/AURIX™ for 3 months
  • Latest device support for AURIX TC2xx and AURIX TC3xx
  • C/C++ compiler and multi-core support for the AURIX' TriCore core
  • Eclipse based IDE
  • High performance TASKING C compiler
  • TASKING Embedded Debugger for mainstream and feature rich HW debugging
  • Optional access to additional tools like
    • TASKING Safety Checker – analyze your application code automatically for freedom from interference to speed up your development process for safety relevant applications
    • TASKING Embedded Profiler – analyze the performance of your application in AURIX™ hardware. The AURIX expert level knowledge built into the tool will show you the bottlenecks and guide you to get the best performance out of the device
    • TASKING Performance Libraries – implementation of LAPACK interface, highly optimized for AURIX™ and ADAS related applications
    • TASKING Pin Mapper (free) – developed jointly with Infienon with expert knowledge about dependencies between peripheral modules and device pins, allows to quickly configure AURIX microcontrollers for HW/SW co-design


A three months Server Based Node-locked license will be granted, which means that your PC needs to have unrestricted Internet access. The license provided through this request is for evaluation purposes only and not for commercial use. Restriction might apply (like max 2 licenses per company). If you need a commercial license, please contact us by email to