What's new

We’ve added a number of new features and enhancements in v6.2 for the TriCore compiler. Here’s what’s new:

  • ASPICE level 2 process certification with this release.
  • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1 sets out a number of additional guidelines to improve the coverage of the security concerns, highlighted by the ISO C Secure Guidelines. Several of these address specific issues pertaining to the use of untrustworthy data, a well-known security vulnerability. Most of these additional rules for secure coding practices are supported in this release.
  • A new “MPU Configuration Data Generator” feature, which makes it easier to separate your software components. It combines information from the linker to create a set of memory ranges which separates the different safety classes. This data can be read by the application at run-time to configure the MPU and will ensure freedom from interference between different software functions. This feature is a next step in meeting the highest safety standards.
  • Support for TriCore EABI v3.0, which has now been officially released by Infineon.
  • PCP simulator support has been upgraded to TSIM v1.40
  • DAS 6.0.0 support of Infineon
  • The TriCore™ Instruction Set Simulator (TSIM) from Infineon has been updated to v1.17.11. The PCP simulator has been upgraded to v1.40.
  • The Safety Checker is now also able to generate XML output besides human-readable text.

A detailed overview of all changes in the latest release is provided in Product Support.