Power Architecture Software Development Tools

A brand new C compiler for Power Architecture automotive microcontrollers

Thanks to excellent "proven in use" experiences with our C compilers for other automotive microcontrollers, customers have requested C compiler support from TASKING for the new Power Architecture automotive chips from Freescale (Qorivva/5xxx) and STMicroelectronics SPC5. Compiler compatibility with our VX-toolsets as well as robust and efficient code generation has been often asked for and not offered by other compiler vendors. Altium recognized this opportunity and developed a new C compiler to support the new automotive Power Architecture processors, including the multi-core variants.

With software development experience since 1977, the TASKING tools have build up a solid reputation in the industry in all areas. The following aspects enabled the TASKING compiler suite to reach a leading position in the automotive market with its compilers:

  • Extremely stable and reliable code-generation
  • Industry-leading code-optimizations on both speed and size
  • Versatile Linker Script Language, offering maximum configurability
  • Fast (compile-link) build times of your project
  • Long-term support arrangements, enabling you to support your customers for the life-time of your products and beyond
  • Software security arrangements for guaranteed continuity
  • Legacy version support of "frozen" compiler versions
  • Commitment to support your ISO 26262 compliance roadmap
  • C compiler technology developed and fully owned by Altium, not relying on any third party IP or open source
  • Very active and focussed compiler development
  • Continuous compiler qualification against industry-standard test suites and real life applications, such as powertrain ECU code

New features and enhancements in Power Architecture compiler release v2.1 and v2.2

  • Further improved code optimizations
  • Support for e200z0, e200z3, e200z4, e200z6 and e200z7
  • Device support for MPC56x and SPC56 included
  • The compiler supports the caching of intermediate results to avoid full compilations
  • Global type checking implemented
  • Toolset fully integrated into Eclipse IDE now
  • New TASKING license management system
  • MISRA C:2012 support in compiler (industry's first compiler)
  • EABI compliance fixes
  • On-chip debug support through P&E Micro debug probes

A detailed overview of all changes in the latest release is provided in the Release Note v2.2.

The Power Architecture Software Development Toolset

The new PowerPC compiler conforms to all appropriate and relevant standards and its code optimization techniques have been optimized continuously during the development, using extensive powertrain applications from our partners. It provides a highly efficient C compiler, multi-core ready linker/locator and a simulator. All tool components are integrated into an Eclipse based IDE, but can also be used from the commandline.

IDE and C optimizing compiler
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse
    • Plug-in that tightly integrates the Power Architecture toolset into the IDE
    • Enabling extensibility though plug-ins from third parties (e.g. for RTOS configuration or debugging)
  • C compilers with integrated static code analysis for MISRA C and CERT C
  • Conforming to many industry standards, including:
    • ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), as well as ANSI-C X3.159-1989
    • MISRA C guidelines supported: MISRA-C:1998, MISRA-C:2004 and MISRA-C:2012
    • CERT C secure coding standard
    • EABI standard as defined by semiconductor vendor
    • ANSI/IEEE-754 floating point support
    • ELF/DWARF support for tool interoperability
  • C libraries, run-time libraries, floating-point libraries, several provided in source code
  • Advanced multi-core support
  • Code profiling support in the compiler for collecting application statistics, helping to identify areas that could benefit from efficiency improvements
  • Run-time error checking, helping to detect errors during program execution
  • A wide range of code optimization techniques, including TASKING's highly respected Code Compaction optimization
  • Functionally similar to other TASKING VX-toolsets, allowing for easier migration between architectures
Assemblers, linker/locator, utilities
  • Power Architecture assembler
  • Versatile linker/locator script language
  • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities
  • Data/code section allocation
  • Automatic and user specified allocation in target memory
  • Make utility with support for parallel builds on multi-core systems, for faster compilations
  • Map file viewer enabling easy analysis of project builds
Integrated Debugger
  • New debugger technology, fully integrated into Eclipse, prepared for the latest industry debugging trends like multi-core application development
  • Debugging in C and assembly through a simulator or on-chip debugger
  • On-chip debugging is supported through a debug probe from P&E Microcomputer Systems:
    • USB Multilink Universal debug probe
    • USB Multilink Universal FX debug probe
    • USB Qorivva Multilink debug probe
    • Cyclone Max debug probe
  • Board support for popular standard evaluation boards
  • Includes stand-alone debugger for running debugger scripts from the command line

Supported Power Architecture devices

Vendor Series
Freescale Qorivva MPC56xx, MPC57xx*
STMicroelectronics SPC5 series

The new toolset comes with TASKING's new license management system, offering flexibility and straightforward management of the license usage.

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Product codes

The PowerPC compiler is available as Standard Edition and Professional Edition bundle.

If you would like to purchase a TASKING compiler license contact your local Altium Sales & Support Center, Reseller or order online.

07-200-170-804 Standard Edition VX-toolset for Power Architecture:
C compiler, Eclipse IDE, simulator debugger
07-200-170-806 Professional Edition VX-toolset for Power Architecture:
C compiler, Eclipse IDE, simulator and on-chip debugger

The TASKING Power Architecture tools are available for PC/Windows. Other platforms are supported on request.
*Support planned.

Register here for an evaluation license of the toolset.

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