Dean Owens
Senior Systems Engineer

"I am consistently impressed at how quickly things get done with the TASKING C166/ST10 Tool Suite. When I'm debugging assembly code, I see very few places that could be more efficient and still compile. I'm very pleased with the product."

The Company

Abiomed, a leader in heart assist and heart replacement devices, needed software development tools for the design of its next-generation heart assist device.

The Challenge

To find tools that could meet the rigorous demands of a mission-critical medical application as well as provide C++, since it enhances a team's ability to produce code that is modular, maintainable and reusable.

Not only did the TASKING C166 Tool Suite 7.0 deliver the most integrated development solution with C++, but it also implemented EC++, an embedded C++ design standard providing further control of C++ constructs not suitable for the embedded environment. Abiomed gained object-oriented programming with more embedded control.

MISRA C, a system of strict code checking that helps prevent the use of error-prone C constructs, enhanced Abiomed's effort to meet the stringent design guidelines of the FDA.

The TASKING fast reentrant floating-point math was critical to this RTOS-driven application. With the TASKING RTOS aware debug module, Abiomed's design team was able to look inside at the RTOS runtime environment. Directly from the CrossView Pro debugger, the design team could view the RTOS task, mailbox, message queues, and timers, saving an enormous amount of time.

With the TASKING CrossView Pro debugger coming complete with a ROM Monitor module, Abiomed's team was able to customize the ROM monitor for specific target requirements. An emulator became unnecessary for all but the hardest development issues.

Altium demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to high quality

"Early in our design cycle, we uncovered several problems in the development tools - problems most users would never encounter," Dean Owen affirmed."Altium let me talk directly with the designers and they took the time to fix my issues. And, they did it on time. None of my deadlines were missed."