TASKING VX-toolset for C166 v2.1r1
Release Note


This release note covers the TASKING VX-toolset for C166 version 2.1r1. This toolset is a complete new toolset for the Infineon C16x/XC16x/XC22xx and STMicroelectronics ST10/Super10 families of microcontrollers. All tools in this new product, from IDE and compiler to debugger, are new and based on the latest TASKING  technology. This brings advanced features and optimizations, that were not possible in the technology as used in the classic TASKING C166/ST10 toolset. Unfortunately this also means that existing projects have to be migrated and converted. To ease this process the product includes conversion tools and import wizards.

Quick Start

For a quick start, just start the "TASKING VX-toolset for C166" from the start menu. This will start the Eclipse based development environment. You will be asked to select a workspace. In case you used Eclipse before it is recommended to select a new workspace. After clicking OK you will see the "Welcome" view. On this view you will see icons that link to specific information.

Licensing issues

15-day Trial

When using the product without a valid license, the tools will run in trial mode. This means you can use the toolset 15 days with full functionality. When running in trial mode, each tool will report this. When using a license that does not cover the full toolset, the tools that are not covered by the license will run in trial mode.

When after installing the license file the tools that are covered by the license still report that they are running in trial mode, this means that there is a license error. If you want force the termination of the trial mode to get the FLEXlm error message you can set the environment variable FORCE_NO_TRIAL to "yes".

Library Sources

For using the library source a valid license is needed. The library sources are stored in a packed file in the library directory. To unpack this file just execute the "unpack-*.exe" tool in the library directory. Without a valid license the library sources cannot be unpacked.


iostream support

This release does not include support for iostream of the STLPort library. The option in Eclipse will not become active and when using the --io-stream option of the control program linker errors will be reported because the libraries cannot be found.

List of Known Problems

See the file solved_2_1r1.html (delivered with the package) for a list of known problems in this release.