TASKING M16C Toolchain v3.1r1



This release note describes the new M16C v3.1r1 toolchain.

The M16C toolchain v3.1 consists of a full embedded development toolchain, supporting:

The highlights of this release are:

Runtime error checking

The TASKING C compiler now supports a number of runtime error checks. When a check is enabled, the compiler adds code to reveal run-time errors. Library routines show descriptive errors if a check fails.

Runtime error checks
boundsChecks before every pointer update and pointer dereference that it points to a valid object, be it in global memory, on the stack or on the heap.
caseChecks in a switch statement that a case value is not unhandled.
mallocChecks every malloc() and free() call for validity.
stackChecks for every function and for every variable length array that it does not run off the stack.
division by zeroChecks before every division that the denominator is valid.


The TASKING M16C toolchain can now generate profile reports. Profiling instrumentation added by the compiler will update performance counters. After a program has run, a runtime report will be generated. The EDE can present these profiling numbers in a flexible way.

The compiler can generate instrumentation counters for a call graph, function entry, function timers and for every basic block.

MISRA-C 2004

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) has released a new version of it's MISRA-C:2004. The number of supported MISRA-C code checking rules has been increased from 117 to 122. As before, you can specify in the EDE which rules should be checked, and the linker can generate a report of compliance for all linked in modules.

Improved compiler and assembler speed

Building an application has become much faster in v3.1r1 compared to v3.0r1. The compilation time has improved and the assembler did have a complete overhaule.


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