TASKING M16C v3.1r1 toolchain v3.1r1-p1 (patch 1)



This readme describes patch 1 for TASKING M16C toolchain version v3.1r1. This patch contains fixes for a number of reported problems.

Bugs solved

The following problems have been solved in patch 1:

PR34129: The v3.1 assembler does not allow \ line continuation.
PR34269: 5 byte far copy overwrites the sixth byte in some occasions.
PR34279: CM0 is not initialized in the startup code in some cases.
PR34299: Too few COM-ports available.
PR34323: R8c.h of R8C rom-monitor sources misses some external function declarations.
PR34329: Project options are not saved when switching projects.
PR34331: Crossview crashes when using crossview's profiling and resetting the target.
PR34340: Incorrect code generated for spilled bit.
PR34343: M16C/Tiny PM2 and PLL ede misconfiguration.
PR34348: Missing SFR definitions in regm3028* and regm3029*.

The following problems have not been solved in patch 1:

PR34198: __at() does not work for functions in C++.
PR34200: __at() qualified function in a absolutely located section should give an error.
PR34300: Unable to locate large sections because cstart is located too low.

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