TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture v2.1r1
Release Note


This release note covers the changes between TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture v2.0r2 and v2.1r1.


New in v2.1

License Management

The TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture uses the TASKING License Management system. The Getting Started guide provides detailed information about this.

Eclipse and Debugger

With release v2.1r1, the Eclipse IDE and debugger with simulator are added to the product.

Device Support

The toolset has support for e200z0, e200z3, e200z4, e200z6 and e200z7.
This release includes device support for the publicly listed Freescale Qorriva MPC56xx and STMicroelectronics SPC56xx devices. Register files (SFR-files) are now included in the product.
More devices will be included in the next release. Currently these devices can be used by selecting the appropriate e200 core.

Compiler Cache

The C compiler now has support for caching intermediate results to avoid full compilations. When the source code after preprocessing and relevant compiler options and the compiler version are the same as in a previous invocation, the previous result is copied to the output file. The cache only works when there is a single C input file and a single output file. This cache can be enabled with the --cache option.

Global type checking

The C compiler and linker now have a --global-type-checking option. With this option the compiler always emits type information in the DWARF debug information (even when no -g is supplied). The linker will then use this to check the types of variables and functions between modules.

Fixed issues for v2.1r1

New Features


Fixed Problems

The list of open issues for v2.1r1 can be found on the internet.

Documentation Errata

The following are corrections and additions to the current documentation set of the TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architcture.

1.8 Predefined Preprocessor Macros

Two new predefined macros are available:

expands to "1" when the --schar option is not used. Unrecognized as a macro otherwise.
expands to "1" when the --schar option is used. Unrecognized as a macro otherwise.

8.2 C Compiler Options: C compiler option: --eabi

This option has an additional flag:

  +/-address-class   a/A     allow alternative address class codes

With the 'address-class' flag set, alternative DWARF address class codes are used. They are required for global type checking.

8.5 Control Program Options

The --schar option is now also a control program option. The control program passes this option to the compiler and links with the appropriate libraries.

Chapter 9. Libraries

The naming of the libraries has changed for the C libraries:


v = VLE instructions (default)
l = little-endian (control program option --endianness=little)
s|u = plain 'char' is (s)igned or (u)nsigned.
s|d = (s)ingle or (d)ouble precision floating-point.
f = FPU support (default if supported by core, no control program option --no-fpu)
t = trapping (control program option --fp-trap)

License Information

The TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture uses the TASKING license management software. In order to be able to run this toolset, you will need a license key. You can only obtain a license key if you have purchased this product.

See section in the Getting Started with the TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture guide for information on obtaining a license