TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture v2.2r1
Release Note


This release note covers the changes between TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture v2.1r1 and v2.2r1.


New in v2.2

Added hardware debugging

This version adds hardware debugging for xPC560 boards via the P&E debug probes. The following boards have been tested:

The following debug probes are supported:

Note that it is required to install the P&E drivers before a debug connection can be established.

Interrupt handling for e200z0

The e200z0 does not have IVOR SPRs. Instead the address for the interrupts service routines have a fixed offset to the IVPR (Interrupt Vector Prefix Register). This is now fully supported by the C compiler and LSL files. Also the simulator has been extended with e200z0 interrupt support.

MISRA-C12 support

This release adds MISRA-C12 support to the C compiler. Rules selection and related configuration can be done from Eclipse. See the User Guide for the list of rules supported by the C compiler.

Improved EABI compliancy

Various improvements have been made in the C compiler and libraries for EABI compliance:

Improved floating point configuration: --fp-model

The C compiler and control program support a new option --fp-model to control all floating point related settings. Some of those settings were formerly done with separate options. Also Eclipse got a new separate page for setting the floating point model options.

The following options are deprecated:

Fixed issues for v2.2r1

New Features


Fixed Problems

The list of open issues for v2.2r1 can be found on the internet.

License Information

The TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture uses the TASKING license management software. In order to be able to run this toolset, you will need a license key. You can only obtain a license key if you have purchased this product.

See section in the Getting Started with the TASKING VX-toolset for Power Architecture guide for information on obtaining a license