TASKING Embedded Debugger v1.0r3
Release Note


This release note covers the TASKING Embedded Debugger v1.0r3.

For the latest information, please visit the Embedded Debugger support website.


TASKING Embedded Debugger

The TASKING Embedded Debugger is a real-time, source-level debugger which is fully integrated into Eclipse. It is a low cost alternative for high end debuggers. It supports a wide range of TriCore devices via low cost probes as well as simulators on Windows systems, in case no physical hardware is available.

The TASKING Embedded Debugger comes with TASKING Eclipse plugins, but you can also install it into your existing Eclipse environment.

The TASKING Embedded Debugger supports the TriCore, PCP, 8051, HSM and MCS architectures. Simulators for all these core architectures are included.

The list of open issues for v1.0r3 can be found on the internet.

Quick start

For a quick start, go to the Start menu and open the 'Embedded Debugger User Guide' from the sub-folder 'Manuals'. Section 2.4 'Using the Sample Projects' is a good starting point. After you have a sample project, read Chapter 3 'Debugging your Application' and you can immediately start debugging.

New in v1.0r3

Windows 64-bit Embedded Debugger Product

The Embedded Debugger product is from now on 64-bit. Third party 32-bit shared libraries are used to connect to debug targets. The 64-bit version of the TASKING Embedded Debugger can load large ELF files and can address more memory than 2 GB.

Support newly introduced AURIX devices

With this release, the following newly introduced AURIX devices are supported:

Not all boards have the connectors to connect to all the different wigglers. Currently Infineon has three DAP Wigglers (miniWiggler v3.1, miniWiggler v2.00 and the on-board wiggler). The AURIX devices that have these connectors are supported.

Support latest Infineon AURIX drivers

This release supports the latest drivers see: DAS drivers.

Fixed Issues in v1.0r3

New Features


Fixed Problems

License Information

TASKING products are protected with TASKING license management software.

License key

You need a license key when you install a TASKING product on a computer. When you order a TASKING product from Altium or one of its distributors, a license key will be sent to you by email or on paper.

See Obtaining a License on our website for more information.