TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 v2.2r1
Release Note


This release note covers the TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 v2.2r1. It describes what has been changed compared to v2.1r1.


New in v2.2

Device support

Device support has been updated with the last status of the Renesas documentation:

Update of Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse platform and CDT have been updated to the Luna releases (Platform 4.4.1 and CDT 8.5.0). For more information, start Eclipse and open "Help" > "Help Contents". Then navigate to "Workbench User Guide" > What's new" or to "C/C++ Development User Guide" > "What's new in CDT"

Important note: In version v2.1r1 the file name suffixes for object files and libraries were incorrect .obj and .lib. This has been changed into .o and .a to match the command line tools.

Code Compaction

This release adds the Code Compaction optimization, also often known as reverse inlining. This is a size optimization. The optimization is enabled when using -O3 or with a custom optimization setting. Using the trade-off between size and speed option the effect of this optimization can be influenced.

See the User Guide options -O3 and -Or for more information

MIL Linking / Link time optimizations

The compiler now supports link-time optimizations, using the intermediate compiler code format (MIL). This allows the compiler to do a multi-file optimization. The optimization can easily be enabled in Eclipse

See the User Guide 9.1. MIL Linking for more information

Profiling support

Static (compile-time) and dynamic (run-time) profiling has been added. See the User Guide, Chapter 10. Profiling, for more information.

Hardware debugging support

Hardware debugging support has been added, using the Renesas E1 Emulator, supporting the RH850/F1x devices. To use hardware debugging a license for the Professional Edition of the TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 is required.

For debugging using the E1 Emulator it is required to install the Renesas E1-Series USB drivers before using the debugger. These drivers can be installed from the CD that comes with the E1 Emulator or from the Renesas website:

Fixed issues for v2.2r1

New Features


Fixed Problems

The list of open issues for v2.2r1 can be found on the internet.

License Information

The TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 uses the TASKING license management software. In order to be able to run this toolset, you will need a license key.

See section in the Getting Started with the TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 guide for information on obtaining a license.

Local TASKING License Server

Important Information (not applicable to evaluation licenses)

If you have ordered a TASKING product with a floating license, you can have it serviced by the Remote TASKING License Server (the most convenient solution) or through a Local TASKING License Server (in case you have no external network access for example). Consult your Altium representative for assistance on deciding what the best setup would be for your situation.

If you like to setup up a local license server, we kindly refer you for more information to Support for TASKING License Management System (TLM) on our website. Here you can also download the Local TASKING License Server package.

It is advised that you install the Local TASKING License Server before you install products that require this server.