TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore v6.2r2 patch 3
Release Note


This release note covers the changes between v6.2r2 and v6.2r2 patch 3 of the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore.

For release notes prior to v6.2r2, please visit the TASKING TriCore support website.


Important Notices

This patch contains changes to the following components:

Please note that the TriCore libraries have been rebuilt. These libraries are also part of this patch.

This patch adds the following components:

Please note that this patch does not add Pin Mapper support for TC35x, TC36x and TC37x. Support for these devices is provided by means of the stand-alone version of the Pin Mapper.

Fixed Issues in v6.2r2p3

Fixed Problems

New Device Support

Fixed Issues in v6.2r2p2

Fixed Problems

Fixed Issues in v6.2r2p1

Fixed Problems

Uninstalling the Patch

After installation of this patch, the directory backup_patch3 is present in the installation directory of the product.

  1. Copy the contents of directory backup_patch3 to the installation directory. This way you overwrite the files installed by the patch.
  2. Remove directory backup_patch3.

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