TASKING TriCore VX-Toolset v2.5r2



This release note describes the changes and new features of all TASKING TriCore products since v2.5r1.
The reason for this release is to support the new AUDO Future devices, the TC1767 and the TC1797.

(The release notes of the previous TASKING TriCore VX-toolset v2.5r1 release can be found in the readme_2_5r1.html document)

The following parts are described:


The C Compiler, Assemblers, Linker, Control Program, CrossView, LSL files and SFR files have been updated to support the new derivatives. The new AUDO Future devices are based on the TriCore 1 V1.3.1 architecture, which adds an expanded instruction set and support for parity checking as compared to the TriCore 1 V1.3 architecture. ELF files created for the new derivatives will have the E_FLAGS field set to EF_TRICORE_V1_3_1, indicating the new architecture.


New TriCore derivatives are supported within EDE; in the menu 'Project | Project Options...' page, from 'Processor | Processor Definition', you can select:


You can select the TriCore 1 V1.3.1 architecture in two ways:

In these cases, the new instructions as introduced in the TriCore 1 V1.3.1 architecture are generated if applicable


If the selected target processor is a member of the TriCore 1 V1.3.1 family, the new instructions are supported.
Furthermore, when the TriCore assembler creates an object file in the ELF format for one of the new derivatives, the E_FLAGS field will be set to EF_TRICORE_V1_3_1.


When creating an output file in the ELF format for one of the new derivatives, the E_FLAGS field will be set to EF_TRICORE_V1_3_1. While the linker reads in the object files/libraries the linker will check if object files are compatible with the target architecture, by checking the E_FLAGS. The target architecture is determined by the LSL file.


No new protected libraries are available for the new TriCore derivatives, since none of the available silicon bug workarounds is applicable for the AUDO Future devices.


To be able to simulate the tc1767 or the tc1797, the simulator needs to be configured properly. Make sure the MConfig file contains the following configuration item: 'WDT_BASE_ADDRESS 0xf00005d0'
Note that EDE does not take care of this.

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