Performance, Reliability and Safety. Without Compromise.

Best in class companies invest the time to precisely engineer the most desired products, and they invest in the tools that drive their progress. A promise of quality and trust defines their business. It’s a promise to an industry, a community, and every individual. TASKING enables industry leading companies to fulfill their promise, one line of code at a time.

  • ADAS

    The foundation of every electronics system in today’s advanced vehicle systems begins with a focus on safety. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) builds upon this foundation, helping a driver to anticipate and avoid collisions with rapid analysis and predictive systems. These systems depend upon their interaction with the driver and require powerful microcontrollers for successful application.

    With TASKING, staying in full compliance with industry-leading certification standards such as ISO 26262 is easy with our sophisticated microcontroller compilers for advanced automotive applications. All TASKING development tools are used and supported by a diverse range of companies who offer complementary products including real-time operating systems, human interface interaction devices, and middleware components.

  • Body

    A positive and memorable driving experience is powered by the unseen electronics within the body of a vehicle. Body electronics supervise and control a number of critical functions for driver comfort and safety, providing control to doors, windows, seats, climate, lighting, and security. Without these electronics, a driver is left without a usable interface to the advanced capabilities of his automobile.

    TASKING supports a diverse range of microcontrollers used in the body electronics by Tier-1 automotive manufacturers. From advanced 32-bit multi-core families to cost efficient 8-bit devices, TASKING compilers intelligently scale to meet the needs of the designer. Our custom controller architectures provide a scalable and adaptable environment and are the perfect compilers when a designer requires complete tool customization and performance with no compromises to long-term product support.

  • Chassis/Safety

    Embedded software drives the innovative safety enhancements found in today’s most sophisticated vehicles. Vehicle systems are now equipped with advanced sensor technologies, including vision, radar, and ultrasound that actively help to avoid accidents and minimize the severity of collisions.

    TASKING provides a diverse range of performance-driven integrated development toolsets that provide a system designer with complete control over the development, testing, and implementation of a complete chassis application and safety system. The industry-leading TASKING toolsets are also used and supported by third party companies who offer complementary product additions for improved chassis and safety applications.

  • Powertrain

    A successful powertrain application influences the entire driving experience, providing a more reliable and safe driving environment and efficient fuel economy. These sophisticated microcontroller-based powertrain systems require the highest degree of performance, security and safety levels in the automotive industry, and the software behind these powertrains demand the fastest and smallest code possible.

    TASKING powertrain development tools offer the smallest memory footprint and the fastest code available to meet the strict quality requirements from Tier-1 automotive manufacturers. Our industry-leading compiler technology has been used in hundreds of powertrain projects, and millions of vehicles run on software that has been developed, tested, and produced with TASKING.

  • Infotainment

    Automotive infotainment systems tackle the complexity of both entertaining and informing passengers simultaneously, all while offering convenient usage of connected mobile devices. This electronic complexity requires the most streamlined and efficient code that is able to juggle the multi-tasking complexity of a diverse range of inputs and systems. In the future this complexity will only deepen as In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) applications including voice control, facial recognition, and augmented reality become the norm in tomorrow’s vehicles.

    TASKING invests in the long-term development of its Software Platform Builder, allowing a designer to reduce the time and costs required to design and implement prototypes and complete IVI systems. The Software Platform Builder allows a designer to easily add required IVI system functionality from complementary TASKING toolsets by generating a software runtime environment based on a high-level design of a specific IVI system.

  • Dashboard

    The instrument cluster is the communication hub regarding the health of a vehicle. As a driver, you instantaneously know how hard your vehicle is working, or what power remains to be tapped under the hood. With the addition of color graphics and personalized interaction, the modern instrument cluster is quickly evolving into something more personal and adaptable to the complexities of today’s driving conditions, and this complexity can only be handled in the domain of software.

    TASKING provides high-performance programming solutions to support the world’s leading producers of microcontrollers for advanced instrument cluster systems. These programming solutions are based on the proprietary Viper compiler technology that forms the foundation of every TASKING product. TASKING compilers provide a complete solution for every development environment, from entry and mid-range systems based on single-core microcontrollers to premium, full-graphic systems using advanced multi-core architectures.

  • Other

    TASKING supports the development in any imaginable application environment. Our support for a diverse range of industry-leading microcontrollers from innovative semiconductor companies allows us to support a variety of applications in the following industries:

    The TASKING family of products are used and supported by leading third party companies that offer domain specific development products, including real-time operating systems, modeling tools, hardware support tools, graphic libraries, and middleware components.