TASKING - Accelerated Technology Announces Nucleus OSEK For Infineon Technologies' C167 Microcontroller Using TASKING Tools

Accelerated Technology Announces Nucleus OSEK For Infineon Technologies' C167 Microcontroller Using TASKING Tools

Launching into the Automotive Industry With ATI's First Integration

JUNE 28, 1999, MOBILE, AL — Accelerated Technology, Inc., the leader of source code and non-royalty based Real-Time Operating System products, announces Nucleus OSEK, Accelerated Technology's full-featured implementation of the OSEK/VDX operating system, for Infineon Technologies' C167 16-bit, high-performance microcontroller. The release of this integration marks Accelerated Technology's entrance into the automotive industry in which demand for standards is high.

The goal of OSEK is to create an industry standard for an open architecture for electronic control units in vehicles. With the portation of Nucleus OSEK to the C167 microcontroller, Accelerated Technology is taking the initial steps to empower the automotive industry with proven software and a successful business model. Because the company offers source code without royalty fees, Nucleus OSEK provides developers in the automotive industry with a number of advantages including substantial cost savings per each unit sold and decreased development time resulting quick time-to-market. Nucleus OSEK is configurable, scalable, and optimized for the C167 microcontroller, allowing embedded computing resources to be used more efficiently. This version is supported by TASKING tools.

"Accelerated Technology is increasingly moving toward more global presence. Nucleus OSEK is a primary indicator of this expansion. Since European automobile manufacturers seem to be standardizing on OSEK, so are providers of equipment to these companies, including major U.S. and Japanese automobile and automobile part manufacturers. By providing OSEK capabilities to these industries, we are taking our business model for high volume products and the expertise in the embedded market into the automotive sector, in a way that not only meets their technical requirements, but lowers their overall costs. With Nucleus OSEK, we expect a lot of attention from major automobile manufacturers and are well positioned with the C167 microcontroller technology," said Neil Henderson, President of Accelerated Technology, Inc.

"The automotive market has always been very strategic for TASKING", states Lorraine Miller, VP of Marketing, TASKING. "Assisting Accelerated Technology in developing an OSEK operating system for the Infineon C167 further illustrates our commitment to automotive application developers."

OSEK/VDX is an emerging automotive industry standard for in-vehicle real-time operating systems (RTOS). Accelerated Technology has a successful record in this industry through satisfied customers such as Chrysler, Ford and Visteon who have used the multitasking real-time Nucleus PLUS kernel. Also, Nucleus OSEK is extremely portable since the majority of it is written in ANSI C.

C167 Highly Integrated High-Performance Microcontrollers. They combine high CPU performance up to 10 million instructions per second) with high peripheral functionality and enhanced IO-capabilities and a wide variety of on-chip features such as large memories, application-specific peripherals (e.g. CAN), and more.

The TASKING toolset consists of TASKING's Embedded Development Environment (EDE), C, C++/EC++ Compiler tool suite, the CrossView Pro Debugger, RTOS-aware editing, linking and debugging and the Nucleus RTOS. Additionally, TASKING offers a wide variety of embedded I/O libraries to accommodate most connectivity standards including USB.

Licenses for Nucleus OSEK are sold with complete source code and without royalty fees. Licenses for the TASKING are available on Windows 95/98/NT, SUN Solaris and HPUX.

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