8051 Software Development Tools

What's New in v7.2

  • CrossView OCDS debugger support for Infineon® XC8xx derivatives using DAS, including new XC864 and XC878
  • Debugger/Flash support for Silicon Laboratories JTAG and C2 target boards
  • Support for new derivatives from various manufacturers, such as Infineon, Silicon Laboratories and NXP
  • Many small improvements

For more information, read the Release notes.

What's New in 7.0/v7.1

  • Enhanced Embedded Development Environment:
    • An explorer like treeview control allows simplified configuration of the TASKING tools and the 8051 target processor for the experienced as well as the novice user
    • Menu structure is now tuned according to the development work flow, offering an intuitive project management setup
    • A switch enables the TASKING classic style menu option for those used to the setup of previous versions
  • New optimizations in the compiler help reduce code size
  • Atmel’s multiple datapointer implementation supported
  • Extensions to the Intel OMF51 standard offer improved connectivity to emulators and debuggers
  • Supports many new 8051 vendors and derivatives
  • New macro preprocessor supporting additional macro commands
  • Accelerated interrupt support for SMSC Wyndham LPC47N359
  • Flash tool for Phytec boards and Winbond family, and Silicon Laboratories' kits through JTAG wiggler
  • Load utility for Infineon® C868 kit
  • CrossView Pro debugger enhancements:
    • Support for JTAG debug environment from Silicon Laboratories
    • New intuitive user-interface, context sensitive help system
    • ROM monitor provided in C code and Assembly
    • Simplified breakpoint configuration, "stop-execute-go" probe points added
    • Data coverage on memory locations
  • Attractively priced special compiler bundle, consisting of C51 compiler, ROM monitor debugger and simulator. All the tools you need in one package at an unsurpassed price/performance ratio!

For more information, read the What's New in v7.0 and Release notes.

The Total 8051 Development Solution

  • C51 Compiler, macro assembler, linker/locator, flash/load utility and debugger
  • Embedded Development Environment lets users access all tools through a common windows interface
  • Seamless integration with other TASKING compiler toolsets, for easy future upgrading
  • C51 compiler produces the tightest, fastest code in the industry
  • Conformant to ANSI-C standard; Verified against de-facto validation suites
  • MISRA C enhanced code checker in the 8051 compiler, when you are concerned with the quality and maintainability of your C source code
  • Complete ANSI C libraries in source, and 8051 tuned runtime support libraries
  • Code memory banking support, allowing up to 256 banks of 64Kb
  • Supports 4 different memory models: small, auxpage, large, and reentrant
  • In-line assembly and in-line expansion of user and predefined functions for efficiency; Many intrinsic functions to optimize code
  • Software floating point libraries for single precision operation
  • Powerful macro assembler and linker/locator generates ROMable, relocatable and reentrant code for optimum flexibility
  • Output formats: IEEE-695, OMF-51, Intel HEX, S-Records
CrossView Pro 8051 Debugger
  • Two 8051 debugger execution environments available:
    • High speed simulator debugger
    • Retargetable ROM monitor debugger interfaces directly to Evaluation Boards or custom developed target application.
  • View your source in C, assembly, or mixed mode, where you have your high level language code intermixed with the corresponding assembly code
  • Unlimited amount of code and data breakpoints supported
  • Code/data coverage and profiling (performance analysis) in simulator
  • C and assembly level trace and stack tracing
  • Bubble-Spy™ technology for easy and quick inspection of variable contents
  • Programmable Data Analysis in enables quick detection of errors in your data output
  • Peripheral simulation support in simulator
  • ROM monitor program is royalty free and delivered in source (assembly as well as C); Intel's RISM protocol is also supported
  • Slick and modern user-interface, tailorable to your own preferences

Third Party Tool Support

For more detailed information on third party tools support for the TASKING 8051 Toolset, take a look at the TASKING 8051 Third Party Product Guide (PDF).

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Purchasing the TASKING 8051 Tools

If you would like to purchase a TASKING License contact your local Altium Sales & Support Center, Reseller or order online.

Ordering Codes
07-200-008-002: 8051 EDE/Editor, C Compiler, Assembler, Linker/Locator, CrossView Pro Simulator
07-200-008-024: 8051 EDE/Editor, C Compiler, Assembler, Linker/Locator, CrossView Pro Simulator, ROM Monitor and (Infineon®) OCDS Debugger
07-290-000-001: USB-JTAG-wiggler for OCDS debugging of Infineon® MCUs (to be ordered with OCDS debugger)

The TASKING 8051 tools are available on PC/Windows. Other platforms on request.

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