C/C++ compiler and debugger tools for ARM Cortex-M

TASKING VX-toolset for ARM

The TASKING VX-toolset for ARM® brings to developers the power of Altium’s sophisticated, next-generation Viper C compiler technology framework, allowing them to take full advantage of the highly-popular ARM architecture. With its Viper technology, the C compiler for ARM is able to generate code with the level of execution speed and code density needed for tomorrow’s automotive, industrial and telematics applications. The C compiler for ARM features up-to-date functionalities such as MISRA C and CERT C code checking, profiling through code instrumentation and run-time error checking capabilities. The TASKING VX-toolset for ARM consists of:

  • Industry-standard Eclipse™ IDE integration
  • ARM C compiler based on Altium’s next-generation Viper compiler technology, generating extremely compact and fast-executing code
  • ISO C++ compiler, scalable to EC++
  • C compiler, supporting Cortex-M0, M3 and M4 based microcontrollers, Cortex-R based microcontrollers, and Cortex-M1 softcore
  • Software Platform Builder with RTOS and many middleware options
  • Integrated Pin Mapper
  • Assembler with macro-preprocessor, linker and locator
  • C/C++ libraries, run-time libraries, floating-point libraries
  • New debugger technology, fully integrated into Eclipse, ready for the latest industry debugging trends like multi-core application development

Altium is able to offer you this toolset at a very attractive price level (see below), as its development costs are shared with our Altium Designer product that includes the same technology.

NEW in release v5.1

  • Complete toolset now available as a native OS X version for Apple Mac computers
  • Introduction of Eclipse integrated Pin Mapper, assisting the developer in assigning controller signals to chip pins
  • Support for the Freescale Kinetis microcontroller family
  • Support for Atmel SMART Cortex-M based microcontrollers
  • Support for Texas Instruments Tiva C family
  • Support for STMicroelectronics STM32L0 series, Spansion FM0 and FM4, new Silicon Labs EMF32 members
  • Eclipse IDE update to Kepler release
  • MISRA C:2012 guidelines supported by the integrated MISRA C code analyzer
  • Debugger support through CMSIS-DAP

NEW in release v5.0 and v4.x

  • Introduction of the Software Platform for easy and fast inclusion of RTOS and middleware in applications
  • Cortex-M0+ core level supported
  • Availability of ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 Compiler Qualification Kit
  • Support for STMicroelectronics STM32F030, STM32L100, STM32F401, STM32F429 and STM32F439 series
  • Support for the STMicroelectronics STM32F3, STM32F050, STM32F427 and STM32F437 series
  • Support for the STMicroelectronics STM32F0, STM32W, STM32F4 series and STM32L16xx and STM32L15xx High Density devices
  • Support for the Infineon XMC1100, XMC1200 and XMC1300 series
  • Support for the Infineon XMC4100, XMC4200, XMC4400 and XMC4500 series
  • Support for the Silicon Labs (Energy Micro) EFM32 Gecko, Giant Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Tiny Gecko, Zero Gecko and Wonder devices
  • Significant build speed improvement, including the introduction of a caching of generated code feature
  • CMSIS 3.00 updates and CMSIS files for various MCU series
  • Inclusion of CMSIS DSP library as pre-compiled library
  • Support for the Spansion (Fujitsu) FM3 family and SK-FM3-64PMC1 and SK-FM3-100PMC boards
  • J-Link debug probe support extended and optimized
  • Support for new STM32, XMC4xxx and EMF32 boards
  • Support for XMC4500 Hexagon Development kit and miniWiggler debug probe
  • Board support for STM32L152D-EVAL, STM3240G-EVAL, STM3221G-EVAL, STM32L Discovery Kit and STM32F4 Manta Discovery Kit
  • New USB-JTAG probe supported from STMicroelectronics (ST-Link/V2)

For an overview on all new features in the latest ARM C compiler package release, read the Release Note v5.1r1.

The Total ARM C compiler solution for Cortex-M

  • Integrated Development Environment based on Eclipse, enabling extensibility through plug-ins from third parties (e.g. for RTOS configuration or debugging)
  • TASKING multi-core ready debugger seamlessly integrated
  • Efficient C, C++/EC++ compilers
    • Conforms (default) to ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), as well as ANSI-C X3.159-1989
    • C++ compatible with ISO/IEC 14882:2003; supports additional C++0x language features
    • ARM ABI and CMSIS compliant
    • Industry standard ELF/Dwarf 3.0 output formats
    • Compatible with the TASKING VX-toolsets for C166 and TriCore, allowing for easy migration between architectures.
    • This same compiler is part of Altium Designer, delivering 100% compatibility to the hardware engineer and software engineer that want to have the best tools for their job
  • Integrated static code analysis functionality in the C compiler for the following standards: 
    • MISRA-C:1998, MISRA-C:2004 and MISRA-C:2012 guidelines
    • CERT C secure coding standard
  • Global type checking by compiler and linker for verification of types
  • Powerful assembler and linker/locator, using a versatile linker-script-language
    • Enhanced memory layout editing control
    • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities
    • Data/code section allocation
    • Automatic and user-specified allocation in target memory
  • Built-in extensions to improve application code efficiency and stability:
    • Run-time error checking
    • Code profiling through code instrumentation
    • Syntax and semantic checks
  • Standard C, C++ and ANSI/IEEE-754 floating-point libraries
  • Easy to use wizards to help you to configure your project

Source code level ARM debugger
  • Easy, intuitive source level debugging in C or Assembly
  • Two execution environments:
    • Instruction set simulator
    • On-Chip and in-target debugging
  • Debug probe support for:
    • J-Link family by SEGGER
    • ST-LINK(V1/V2) from STMicroelectronics
    • miniWiggler from Infineon
  • Seamless integration of the debugger into the Eclipse IDE
  • Separate standalone command-line script debugger for automated testing
  • Simulator debugger is included with all product bundles
Software Platform and Pin Mapper
  • Quickly extend your application with various middleware components
    • Select and configure the components from the repositories
    • Helps you on dependencies between components
    • Generate the code into your application through the Software Platform Builder
  • Wide range of free to use middleware modules, including:
  • Pin Mapper helps to assign controller signals to chip pins, providing an overview of:
  • The Software Platform and Pin Mapper are fully accessible from the Eclipse IDE

The new toolset comes with TASKING's new license management system, offering flexibility and straightforward management of the license usage.

Supported ARM processors

Cortex-M0 Cortex-M0+ Cortex-M1 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M4

Supported Cortex-M microcontroller manufacturers and derivatives

The list below mentions only the main derivatives of the respective families; the individual variants within these families are also supported (but not listed).

Atmel SMART Cortex-M Series
Freescale Kinetis Series
Infineon Technologies XMC1xxx family
XMC4xxx family
Silicon Labs
(Energy Micro)
EFM32 family: Wonder series
Gecko series
Zero Gecko series
Tiny Gecko series
Giant Gecko series
Leopard Gecko series
Spansion (Fujitsu) FM0 family
FM3 family
FM4 family
STMicroelectronics STM32 F0 Series
STM32 F1 Series
STM32 F2 Series
STM32 F3 Series
STM32 F4 Series
STM32 L1 Series
STM32 W Series
Texas Instruments Tiva C Series

Third-party tools supporting the TASKING ARM C compiler

Read more about the TASKING ARM compiler solutions

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Purchasing the TASKING VX-toolset for ARM

To purchase a TASKING compiler license contact your local Altium Sales & Support Center, Reseller or order online.

Product codes
Order code Product contents
07-200-103-804  Standard Edition VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M:
Eclipse IDE, C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker/locator, simulator debugger
07-200-103-806  Professional Edition VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M:
Eclipse IDE, C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker/locator, simulator debugger and on-chip debugger
07-200-103-808  Premium Edition VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M:
Eclipse IDE, C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker/locator, simulator debugger and on-chip debugger
Pin Mapper, Software Platform with RTOS, and a range of middleware like TCP/IP, (secure) web server, USB, CAN, GUI, etc. etc.
07-290-103-002  ST-LINK/V2 USB-JTAG debug probe:
STMicroelectronics' In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer for STM32 microcontrollers
07-290-103-011  J-Link debug probe
SEGGER's USB driven JTAG interface
07-290-103-012  J-Link Pro debug probe
SEGGER's USB and Ethernet driven JTAG interface
07-290-103-013  J-Link Ultra+ debug probe
SEGGER's Hi-Speed USB 2.0 driven JTAG interface
07-290-103-015  J-Link PLUS debug probe
SEGGER's USB driven JTAG interface, with the features of the Ultra+ version
07-290-000-001  Infineon's miniWiggler debug probe
USB-JTAG interface for Infineon microcontrollers
07-200-103-820  ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 Compiler Qualification Kit

The ARM VX-toolset is available on PC/Windows, Mac OS X and PC/Linux. The on-chip debugger is supported on PC/Windows and Mac OS X.

Interested in our free demo C compiler for the ARM? Download the fully working trial version.

News Highlights

  • TASKING ARM Cortex-M compiler with Software Platform has been selected as Product of the Week by Electronics Weekly magazine.

  • Altium releases first toolset on Mac OS X
    Introduction of TASKING VX-toolset for ARM on the Mac, with Software Platform and Pin Mapper

  • TASKING's ARM compiler selected by Tier 1 and OEMs for Powertrain security modules:
    HSM support for AURIX

  • Everybody talks about Multi-Core; Altium delivers!
    Advanced Multi-Core support in TriCore toolset