C/C++ compiler and debugger for C166 and ST10

The TASKING VX-toolset for C166/ST10

This page describes the new TASKING VX-toolset for C166/ST10, featuring the high-performance Viper compiler recommended for new C166/ST10 projects, or any existing projects developed with C166 compilers from other vendors in a need of additional code performance (density and speed). This VX-toolset for C166 is actively maintained and further improved, unlike many other compiler solutions.

The original TASKING C166 compiler, since 1991 the world's best sold development toolset for all C166 and ST10 compatible microcontrollers, is also still available from and maintained by Altium. This classic C166 compiler is especially recommended for existing projects or products in which this compiler has been used before. Information on the classic toolset is available on a separate webpage.

Continue reading below for information on the new high-performance TASKING VX-toolset.

  • Industry-standard Eclipse™ IDE integration
  • C compiler based on Altium’s next-generation Viper compiler technology, generating extremely compact and fast-executing code
  • Compared to traditional C166 compilers the VX-toolset delivers easily upto 20-45% less code and upto 20-25% faster code
  • The market's only C166 compiler that supports efficient programming of the microcontroller's MAC unit in C language
  • New debugger technology, fully integrated into Eclipse, ready for the latest industry debugging trends like multi-core application development
  • Premier support for new Infineon® XC2000 and XE166 microcontroller series, achieving 32-bit microcontroller performance level

What's new in release v3.0 and v3.1

  • Availability of ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification Kit (release v3.1r2)
  • IDE updated with Eclipse "Indigo" platform v3.7.1 and CDT v8.0.1
  • Many Eclipse IDE enhancements that significantly improve the ease of use
    • Defining a project as the active one to which build and debug commands are applicable
    • Control of the C start code through a properties page
    • Control of the Linker-Script-Language file through a properties page, enabling easy configuration of memory and interrupt vector table settings
    • Many rearrangements that improve consistency and unambiguity in the menu structure
  • Updated Infineon DAS drivers for the OCDS debug system
  • Support for many new derivatives in the Infineon XE166 series and XC2000 family, including ICACHE equipped devices (check the release note for details)
  • Updated SFR files for the L, U, N, and H series in accordance with Infineon's latest documentation
  • Updated C++ compiler frontend
  • Many improvements and bug fixes
For an overview of all changes in the latest revision of the VX-toolset, read the Release Note.

The Total C166/ST10 Development Solution

  • Integrated Development Environment based on Eclipse, enabling extensibility though plug-ins from third parties (e.g. for RTOS configuration or debugging)
  • Efficient C, C++/EC++ compilers
    • Conforms (default) to ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), as well as ANSI-C X3.159-1989
    • C++ compatible with ISO/IEC 14882:1998(E)
  • Integrated static code analysis functionality in the C compiler for the following standards: 
    • MISRA-C:1998 and MISRA-C:2004 guidelines
    • CERT C secure coding standard
  • C/C++ libraries, run-time libraries, floating-point libraries provided in source code
  • Application wide automatic near allocation for faster code, without the need to explicitly use memory qualifiers
  • Highly effective code compaction optimization (reverse inlining), even allowing application wide code density optimizations
  • Global type checking by compiler and linker for verification of types
  • Powerful assembler and linker/locator, using a versatile linker-script-language
    • Enhanced memory layout editing control
  • Project set up wizard to help you to configure a new project
  • Conversion utilities for easy project migration from classic TASKING C166/ST10 toolset or from Keil™ C166 Development Tools
  • Import wizard and refresh option for Infineon DAvE projects
  • Integrated support for programming Flash memory
  • Toolset generates ELF/DWARF 3.0 output for tool interoperability
  • The toolset supports all C166 and all popular ST10 derivatives, such as:
    • Infineon Technologies: C16x, XC16x, XE162, XE164, XE167, XE169, XC22xx, XC23xx, XC27xx, E-Gold/X-Gold, as well as all their individual variants
    • Intel: E-Gold/X-Gold GSM Baseband ICs
    • IPextreme: C166S V1 core
    • STMicroelectronics: ST10x168, ST10x251, ST10x252, ST10x269, ST10x271, ST10x272, ST10x273, ST10x275, ST10x276, ST10x296, Super10 core, as well as all their individual variants
    • Micronas: SDA6000
    • Future new derivatives can easily be added to the toolset through a processor XML description file
  • The TASKING C166/ST10 tools are acknowledged as the best in the market, having been the de facto standard worldwide for many years. With a market share of more than 90% in automotive, prominent OEM and Tier-1 companies rely on the quality of the TASKING tools
Integrated Debugger
  • Three debugger engines are available for debugging in C++, C and assembly: Simulator, On-Chip (OCDS) and ROM monitor debugger
  • Seamless integration of the debugger into the Eclipse IDE
  • Simulator debugger is included with all product bundles
  • Wizard to help you configure your project to run on an evaluation board
  • On-Chip debugging is supported through a USB-JTAG adapter (miniWiggler) or a simple parallel cable for Infineon evaluation boards. The USB-JTAG miniWiggler is often provided with Infineon starter kits or integrated as on-board functionality on the starter kits. The miniWigglers are also available from Altium as option to the Premium package.
  • For OCDS the TASKING debugger makes use of Infineon’s Device Access Server (DAS), which is provided with the toolset. DAS also allows remote debugging over a TCP/IP network
  • The ROM monitor debugger is plug-and-play ready for many evaluation boards, and configurable to your own hardware. It allows debugging via serial port, and through TCP/IP over a remote PC
  • OSEK kernel-aware debugging, ORTI 2.0 and 2.1 based
  • A standalone "GUI-free" debugger is available for running scripts for automated tests

Third-Party Tools supporting Altium’s TASKING VX-toolset for C166/ST10

For more detailed information on third-party tools support for the TASKING VX-toolset for C166/ST10, take a look at the Third-Party Product Guide.

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Ordering Altium’s TASKING C166 Tools

If you would like to purchase a TASKING License contact your local Altium Sales & Support Center, Reseller or order online.

Product Codes
07-200-119-804: Standard Edition VX-toolset for C166, Eclipse IDE, C Compiler, assembler/linker/locator and Simulator Debugger
07-200-119-806: Professional Edition VX-toolset for C166, Eclipse IDE, C Compiler, assembler/linker/locator, Flash memory programming, Simulator and ROM-monitor Debugger
07-200-119-808: Premium Edition VX-toolset for C166, Eclipse IDE, C++ compiler, C Compiler with integrated CERT C secure coding standard analyzer, assembler/linker/locator, Flash memory programming, Simulator, OCDS and ROM-monitor Debugger
07-290-000-001: USB-JTAG miniWiggler for OCDS debugging of Infineon MCUs (optional to 07-200-119-808)
07-200-119-820: ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification Kit

The TASKING VX-toolset for C166/ST10 is available on PC/Windows. Selected versions of the VX-toolset on PC/Linux are available on request.

Download or order the full version for a 15-day evaluation.

Looking for the original TASKING C166/ST10 toolset?

Are you looking for the original TASKING C166 compiler? This toolset is still maintained and can be ordered for your legacy projects. Detailed information about this product is available on a separate page.