Software Development Tools for TriCore and AURIX

The TriCore architecture from Infineon Technologies is a revolutionary 32-bit microcontroller design, optimized to offer the best of three worlds: real-time capabilities of a high-speed microcontroller, computational prowess of a DSP and the performance/price ratio of RISC load/store architecture.

Built upon the strong co-operation with Infineon, the TASKING TriCore Software Development Toolset ("VX-toolset") is commonly regarded as the de facto industry standard for TriCore / AURIX architecture software developments. The toolset consists of dedicated C/C++ compilers and assemblers for the various TriCore cores (TriCore, HSM, MCS, XC800, PCP), a multi-core linker/locator and debugger, all integrated into the popular Eclipse™ platform based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

With software development experience since 1977, the TASKING tools have build up a solid reputation in the industry in all areas. The following aspects enabled the TASKING compiler suite to reach its leading position in the TriCore automotive market:

  • Extremely stable and reliable code-generation, proven in use for more than 15 years in a wide variety of development projects, including safety-critical automotive applications
  • Industry proven highest code-optimizations for both speed and size
  • Versatile Linker Script Language, offering maximum configurability and the industry's advanced multi-core control
  • Toolset with the shortest (compile-link) build times of your project
  • Long-term support arrangements, enabling you to support your customers for the life-time of your products and beyond
  • Long-term partnership and co-operation agreement with Infineon to guarantee future tool availability, enhancements and support
  • Software security arrangements (ESCROW) to back-up our long-term support commitment
  • Legacy version support of "frozen" compiler versions
  • No use of any licensed open source in the code-generation chain or libraries
  • Commitment to support your ISO 26262 compliance roadmap
  • Very active development, close co-operation with Tier 1s and Infineon on toolset extensions (e.g. for multi-core support)
  • Continuous compiler qualification against industry-standard test suites and real life applications, such as powertrain ECU code
  • Guaranteed compatibility to all relevant third party solutions, including debuggers, AUTOSAR operating systems and AUTOSAR MCAL drivers
  • Safety joins performance! What you get from the AURIX, is what you also expect from your compiler! The TASKING compiler is the #1 compiler for TriCore on the market, with an unbeatable proven in use track record.

New features and enhancements in TriCore compiler releases v6.0 (NEW!)

  • First support for the next generation TriCore/AURIX
  • Dedicated and fully integrated "VX" C compiler support for the GTM v3.x (next generation), in addition to the C compilers for the HSM and XC800
  • "ACT" AURIX Configuration Tool, providing:
    • Interactive Pin Mapper for AURIX
    • TASKING's award winning Software Platform for configuration or Infineon's iLLD drivers
    • Royalty free Real-Time Operating System
  • Code Integrity Checker Tool, preventing interference between software elements with incompatible ASIL levels, developed in collaboration with powertrain Tier 1 and OEMs
  • Script debugger improvements, including multi-core support
  • Update of Eclipse IDE to the Luna release
  • New or improved support for TC22x, TC23x, TC23x_adas, TC27x-C and TC27x-D

A detailed overview of all changes in the latest release is provided in the Release Note v6.0.


In addition to the new toolset release v6.x, Altium still provides many popular older versions, such as a variety of v5.x, v4.x and v3.x versions, but also the v2.5r2 and v2.2r3, used in many AUTOSAR related projects. Versions prior to v3.0 are delivered with EDE and the CrossView Pro debugger. A detailed description of v2.x toolset is available in a dedicated product brochure.

Overview of the TASKING TriCore VX-toolset

IDE and C/C++ optimizing compilers
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse
    • Plug-ins that tightly integrate the TriCore toolset (and all of its compilers) into the IDE
    • Extensibility though plug-ins from third parties (e.g. for RTOS configuration or debugging)
  • C/C++ compilers with integrated static code analysis for MISRA C and CERT C:
    • C/C++ compiler for TriCore
    • C compiler for MCS / GTM IP v3.x
    • C/C++ compiler for Hardware Security Module (HSM)
    • C compiler for XC800 Standby controller or TC26x and next generation TriCore
    • C compiler for Peripheral Control Processor (PCP)
  • Supporting many industry standards, including but not limited to:
    • ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), as well as ANSI-C X3.159-1989; C++ compatible with ISO/IEC 14882:2003 and ISO/IEC 14882:2011
    • MISRA C guidelines supported: MISRA-C:1998, MISRA-C:2004 and MISRA-C:2012
    • CERT C secure coding standard
    • Infineon's TriCore EABI
    • ANSI/IEEE-754 floating point support
    • ELF/DWARF support for tool interoperability
  • C/C++ libraries, run-time libraries, floating-point libraries provided in source code
  • Code profiling support in the compiler for collecting application statistics, helping to identify areas that could benefit from efficiency improvements
  • Run-time error checking, helping to detect errors during program execution
  • Code Compaction optimization:
    • upto 10% more compact code on TC1.6 core based TriCore derivatives
    • upto 5% mode compact code on TC1.3/TC1.3.1 based TriCore derivatives
  • Functionally similar to VX-toolset for C166, RH850 and Power Architecture, allowing for easier migration between architectures
Tools for developing applications with safety, security, stability and reliability in mind
  • Backed by TASKING's automotive ISO 26262 Support Program
  • Integrated MISRA C guidelines code checking facility
  • Market unique integrated CERT C code analyzer
  • Code Integrity Check Tool, preventing interference between software elements with incompatible ASIL levels
  • CPU functional problem support:
    • Code bypasses generated by the compiler
    • Code checks by the assembler
    • Protected libraries, tuned per TriCore derivative
  • Fully integrated HSM Security Module support
  • Code Profiling to discover unexpected program flows
  • Run-time error checking offers a wealth of checks that reveal run-time errors when they first occur
  • Bounds checking verifies all pointer operations to detect buffer overflows and other illegal operations such as:
    • Accessing uninitialized or null pointers
    • Accessing objects outside their declared bounds
    • Illegal pointer arithmetic
  • Malloc / free checks uncover dynamic memory allocation errors such as:
    • Buffer overflow
    • Write to freed memory
    • Multiple calls to free
    • Passing an invalid pointer to free
  • Report an unhandled case value in a switch without a default part
  • Stack overflow detects when the stack grows beyond its allocated size
  • Divide by zero issues a message when a division by zero is attempted
Assemblers, linker/locator, utilities
  • Dedicated assemblers for TriCore, HSM, XC800, PCP and MCS
  • Very advanced multi-core support, developed in collaboration with Infineon and leading automotive powertrain Tier 1s
    • Also supports simple style multi-core support like offered by other vendors
    • Advanced and simple approach can be mixed
  • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities
  • Data/code section allocation
  • Automatic and user specified allocation in target memory
  • New make utility with support for parallel builds on multi-core systems, for faster compilations
  • Comprehensive map file, that allows for detailed build analysis, including stack analysis
  • Widely appreciated high-level ELF-object dumper
  • Data Reference Modification (Variable Editing) functionality
Integrated Debugger
  • New debugger technology, fully integrated into Eclipse, ready for the latest industry debugging trends like multi-core application development
  • Debugging in C++, C and assembly through a simulator or On-Chip (OCDS) debugger
  • Simulator debuggers for all cores
  • On-Chip debugging is supported through the Infineon miniWiggler with DAP interface or a simple cable for Infineon evaluation boards with on-board wigglers. The miniWiggler is often provided with Infineon starter kits, but also available directly from Altium
  • For OCDS the TASKING debugger makes use of Infineon's Device Access Server (DAS), which is provided with the toolset
  • DAS allows remote debugging over a TCP/IP network
  • Board support for a wide range of standard evaluation boards from Infineon (TriBoards, EasyKits) and 3rd parties like Hitex is included
  • Integrated support for programming flash memory

Supported TriCore devices

TC1130 TC1164 TC1166 TC1167 TC1197    
TC1762 TC1766 TC1767        
TC1782 TC1784          
TC1791 TC1792 TC1793 TC1796 TC1797 TC1798  
AURIX TC21x/TC22x TC23x  TC24x  TC26x  TC27x  TC29x 
Next generation TriCore / AURIX and more...      

Note: Legacy TriCore microcontrollers are supported by older TASKING TriCore toolset releases. Contact us for availability.

The TASKING toolset generally supports new TriCore derivatives well ahead of their introduction to the market. Contact our sales or support engineers for specific derivative support information.

Third-party tools supporting the TASKING TriCore C compiler

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Purchasing the TASKING TriCore VX-toolset

If you would like to purchase a TASKING compiler license contact your local Altium Sales & Support Center, Reseller or order online.

Product codes
07-200-160-804: Standard Edition VX-toolset for TriCore
07-200-160-806: Professional Edition VX-toolset for TriCore
07-200-160-808: Premium Edition VX-toolset for TriCore
07-200-160-818: Enterprise Edition VX-toolset for TriCore
07-290-000-001: USB-JTAG wiggler for OCDS debugging. Optional to Professional, Premium and Enterprise Edition
07-200-160-820: ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification Kit

Click here to view the contents of the different Editions. Editions of older releases may have a different content.

The TriCore VX-toolset is available on PC/Windows and PC/Linux platforms; Sun Solaris or other platforms on request. The Infineon DAS debugger drivers are only available on PC/Windows, and as a consequence the OCDS debugger also.

Download a full version for a 15-day evaluation.

News Highlights

    Unique TASKING C compiler for BOSCH GTM
    New C compiler for GTM MCS available for toolsets for AURIX, RH850 and Power Architecture

  • Everybody talks about Multi-Core; Altium delivers!
    Advanced Multi-Core support in TriCore toolset with the market's only full suite solution for AURIX, including C compilers for HSM and XC800

  • TASKING's ARM compiler selected by Tier 1 and OEMs for Powertrain security modules:
    HSM support for AURIX