The TASKING 8051 toolset provides an advanced and flexible development environment for all of your software engineering needs. The advanced TASKING compiler technology allows you to produce the more sophisticated microcontroller applications, and a complete Embedded Development Environment keeps your workflow efficient and productive.



  • Stay at the top of your productivity with a complete embedded development environment.
  • Develop the most compact and fastest-executing code with TASKING compiler technology.
  • Save development time with the most flexible and complete development environment including a powerful assembler, linker and locator.


  • Easily upgrade your compiler with seamless integration to other TASKING toolsets.
  • Develop the most stable and reliable code with the powerful code-generation tools.


  • Always stay on top of code requirements with full support for ANSI C and MISRA C standards.
  • Generate error-free code with powerful debugging environments.

Supported Devices

ABOV SemiconductorsGMS97C1051, GMS97L1051, GMS97C2051, GMS97L2051, GMS90C320, GMS90L320, GMS9XC51, GMS9XC52, GMS9XC54, GMS9XC56, GMS9XC58, HMS9XC7132, HMS9XC7134, HMS9XC8108, HMS9XC8116, HMS9XC8132
Aeroflex UTMCUT69RH051
Ali Corporation (Acer Labs)M6032, M6759
AltiumTSK51A, TSK52A
Analog DevicesADUC812, ADUC814, ADUC816, ADUC824, ADUC831, ADUC832, ADUC834, ADUC836, ADUC841, ADUC842, ADUC843, ADUC844, ADUC845, ADUC847, ADUC848
AtmelAT89C1051, AT89C1051U, AT89C2051, AT89LP213, AT89LP214, AT89LP216, AT89C4051, AT89S4D12, AT87F51, AT89C51AC3, AT89C51CC03, AT89C51IC2, AT89C51RB2, AT89C51RC2, AT83C5111, AT87C5111, AT80C5112, AT83C5112
AT87C5112, AT8XC5122, AT83C5123, AT89C5131, AT87LV51, AT89C51, AT89LS51, AT89LV51, AT89S51, AT87F51RC, AT89C51RC, AT89LV51RC, AT89C51XD2, AT83C51SND1C, AT89C51SND1C, AT87F52, AT87LV52, AT89C52
AT89LS52, AT89LV52, AT89S52, AT89LS53, AT89S53, AT8X53, AT89LV55, AT87F55WD, AT89C55WD, AT89LV55WD, AT89S8053, AT89LS8252, AT89S8252, T89C51AC2, T89C51CC01, T89C51CC02, T83C51RB2, T83C51RC2
T80C51RD2, T89C51RD2, T8XC51SND1, T83C5101, T87C5101, T83C5102, T89C5115, T83C5121, T85C5121, T89C5121, TS80C31X2, TS80C32X2, TS80C51RA2, TS83C51RB2, TS87C51RB2, TS83C51RC2, TS87C51RC2, TS80C51RD2
TS83C51RD2, TS87C51RD2, TS80C51U2, TS83C51U2, TS87C51U2, TS80C52X2, TS87C52X2, TS80C54X2, TS87C54X2, TS80C58X2, TS87C58X2, TSC80C31, TSC80CL31, TSC80C51, TSC87C51, TSC80CL51, AT89S8253
ChipConCC1010, CC1110FX, CC1111FX
CML MicrocircuitsCMX850
Cybernetic Micro SystemsCMSP51
InfineonĀ® TechnologiesC501, C504, C505, C505A, C505C, C505CA, C505L, C508, C509, C511, C513, C513A, C513AO, C515, C515A, C515C, 80C515, 80C515A, 80C517, 80C517A, C517A, 80C535, 80C537, C541U, XC856CLM, XC864, XC866, C868, XC878, XC886/888, XC886/888C, XC886/888CLM, XC886/888CM, XC886/888LM
Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.IS80C51, IS80LV51, IS80C52, IS80LV52, IS8089C52
Intel8051, 80L51, 8052, I8XC51FX, I8XC52, I8XC54, I8XC58, I8X931AX USB, I8X931HX USB, 87C51GB, 83C152, MCS151
Maxim (Dallas)DS80HC11, DS2250, DS2250T, DS2251T, DS2252T, DS5000, DS5000FP, DS5000T, DS5001FP, DS5002FP, DS5240, DS8XC310, DS8XC320, DS8XC323, DS8XC390, DS8XC400, DS8XC420, DS8XC430, DS8XC440, DS8XC450, DS8XC520, DS8XC530, DS8XC550, MAX7651, MAX7652
Megawin TechnologyMPC89E51A, MPC89E52A, MPC89E53A, MPC89E54A, MPC89L51A, MPC89L52A, MPC89L53A, MPC89L54A
Myson Century ProductsCS6208
Nordic SemiconductorNRF24E1, NRF24E2, NRF9E5
Nuvotron (Winbond Electronics Corp.)W77C32, W77E468, W77E58, W77LE58, W78C32C, W78L32, W78C33B, W78L33, W78E365, W78C438C, W78C51D, W78E51B, W78L51, W78LE51, W78C516, W78E516B, W78C52D, W78E52B, W78L52, W78LE52, W78C54, W78E54, W78LE54, W78L54, W78LE54, W78C58, W78E58, W78C801, W78L801, W78LE812, W78E858, W925E/C240, W925E/C625
NXPP83C055, P87C055, P8XCX66, P8XCX70, P83C145, P80C31, P80CL31, P80C31X2, P80C32, P80C32X2, P87C380, P8XCL410, P83C434, P8XC451, P8XC453, P80C51, P87C51, P89C51, P80CL51, P80C51FA, P83C51FA, P87C51FA, P83C51FB, P87C51FB, P83C51FC, P87C51FC, P8XC51RA, P80C51RA+, P83C51RA+, P87C51RA+, P87C51RA2, P89C51RA2, P89C51RA2XX, P8XC51RB, P83C51RB+, P87C51RB+, P87C51RB2, P89C51RB2
P89V51RB2, P89C51RB2HXX, P89C51RB2XX, P8XC51RC, P83C51RC+, P87C51RC+, P87C51RC2, P89C51RC2, P89V51RC2, P89C51RC2HXX, P89C51RC2XX, P8XC51RD, P83C51RD+, P87C51RD+, P87C51RD2, P89C51RD2, P89V51RD2, P89C51RD2HXX, P89C51RD2XX, P80C51X2, P87C51X2, P89C51X2, P8XC52, P8XC524, P8XC528, P80C52X2, P87C52X2, P89C52X2, P89C536, P89C538, P80C54, P87C54, P89C54, P80C54X2, P87C54X2, P89C54X2, P8XC550, P80C552
P83C552, P87C552, P80C554, P83C554, P87C554, P80C557E4, P83C557E4, P89C557E4, P8XC557E6, P83C557E8, P87C557E8, P8XCE558, P8XCE559, P8XCE560, P83C562, P8XC562, P8XC575, P8XC576, P8XC58, P8XCL580, P80C58X2, P87C58X2, P89C58X2, P83C591, P87C591, P80C592, P83CE592, P87CE592, P80CE598, P83CE598, P87CE598, P89C60X2, P89C61X2, P80C652, P83C654, P83C654X2, P87C654X2, P89C660
P89V660, P83C660X2, P87C660X2, P83C661X2, P87C661X2, P89C662, P89V662, P89C664, P89V664, P89C668, P89C669, P89C738, P89C739, P8XC748, P8XC749, P8XC750, P8XC754, P87LPC760, P87LPC761, P87LPC762, P87LPC764, P87LPC767, P87LPC768, P87LPC769, P83CL781, P83CL782, P83CX80, P83C834, P83C845, P8XC851, P87CL881, P8XCL883, P8XCL884, P8XCL886, P8XCL887, P8XCL888, P89LPC901, P89LPC902
P89LPC903, P89LPC904, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908, P89LPC9102, P89LPC9103, P89LPC9107, P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, P89LPC920, P89LPC921, P89LPC922, P89LPC924, P89LPC925, P89LPC930, P89LPC931, P89LPC932, P89LPC932A1, P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935, P89LPC936, P89LPC938, P89LPC9401, P89LPC9408, TELX FAMILY, S8XC751, S8XC752, SZF2002, TPM749, TPM754
OKI SemiconductorMSM85C154HVS, MSM8XC154S
RamtronVMX1020, VRS1000, VRS1001, VRS1001B, VRS550, VRS700L
Sharp SemiconductorLZ87010
Silicon LaboratoriesC8051F0XX, C8051F01X, C8051F02X, C8051F04X, C8051F06X, C8051F12X, C8051F13X, C8051F2XX, C8051F30X, C8051F31X, C8051F32X, C8051F33X, C8051F34X, C8051F35X, C8051F36X, C8051F41X, C8051F50X, C8051F52X, C8051F53X, C8051T60X, C8051T61X, C8051T63X, C8051F92X, C8051F93X, SI825X
Silicon Storage TechnologySST89C54, SST89F54, SST89E554RC, SST89V554RC, SST89E564RD, SST89V564RD, SST89C58, SST89F58
SiliconiansSS1102C, SS1119, SS8203
Standard Microsystems CorporationCOM20051, LPC47N244, LPC47N250, LPC47N252, LPC47N253, LPC47N254, LPC47N259, LPC47N350, LPC47N359
STMicroelectronicsUPSD3233BV-24, UPSD3233B-40, UPSD3234BV-24, UPSD3234A-40, UPSD3253BV-24, UPSD3253B-40, UPSD3254BV-24, UPSD3254BV-24, UPSD33XX, UPSD34XX
SyncMOSSM79108, SM79164, SM89516, SM89516A, SM89T16R1
TDK Semiconductor CorporationTDK73M2909, TDK73M2910(L), 73S1111F, 73S1112F, 73S1121F, 71M6511
Tezzaron SemiconductorTSCR8051LX
Texas InstrumentsTAS1020B, MSC1210XX, MSC1211XX, MSC1212XX, TUSB2136, TUSB3200, TUSB3210, TUSB3410, TUSB5052, TUSB5152, TUSB6250
TriscendE5 FAMILY
VersachipsV87C54, V87C58
Vitesse SemiconductorVSC7380