The TriCore architecture from Infineon Technologies provides an industry-leading 32-bit microcontroller design specifically optimized for Automotive and Industrial Applications. This architecture offers the real-time capabilities of a high-speed microcontroller, the raw computational power of a DSP, and the perfect balance between performance and price for an RISC load/store architecture, all in one unified chipset.

The TASKING TriCore Software Development Toolset was designed with the experts at Infineon, and is regarded as the industry-standard for TriCore architecture software. This toolset contains dedicated C/C++ compilers and assemblers for the complete TriCore family, and a multi-core linker/locator and debugger all within a unified Eclipse™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE).



  • Generate the most clean and efficient code with industry-leading code optimizations for both speed and size.
  • Save time compiling your completed code with industry’s shortest compile-link build times.
  • Easily optimize your code for maximum performance with the versatile Linker Script Language.


  • Generate reliable and stable code with a trusted toolset backed by more than 10 years of development experience.
  • Large installed active user base, including all major Automotive OEMs and Tier 1s
  • Support your customers for the lifetime of your product with long-term support from the experts at TASKING.
  • Guaranteed compatibility with leading third-party solutions including debuggers, AUTOSAR operating systems and MCAL drivers.


  • Stay in complete compliance with industry-standard safety regulations including ISO 26262 for the life of your project.
  • Easily meet and exceed industry-standard tests for compiler qualifications including powertrain ECU codes.
  • Ensure that your code remains up to date and in compliance with industry standards with full support for MISRA C:2012 and CERT C guidelines.

Supported Devices

A complete list of TriCore, AURIX and AURIX TC3xx devices can be found on the Infineon website.

TC1130 and TC116x FamilyTC1130, TC1164, TC1166
AUDO Next GenerationTC1762, TC1764, TC1766, TC1792, TC1796
AUDO FutureTC1167, TC1197, TC1736, TC1767, TC1797
AUDO MAXTC1184, TC1724, TC1728, TC1746, TC1748, TC1782, TC1784, TC1791, TC1793, TC1798
AUDO STC1337, TC1367, TC1387, TC1768
AURIX TC2xx FamilyTC21x, TC22x, TC23x, TC23x_ADAS, TC26x, TC27x, TC29x
AURIX TC3xx Family (next generation AURIX)TC33x, TC35x, TC36x, TC37x, TC38x and TC39x

Please Note: Contact us directly or visit our support page for availability information regarding older TASKING TriCore toolset releases or to inquire about support for new AURIX 2nd Generation derivatives.



Various Editions of the TASKING TriCore toolset

The TriCore VX Software Development Tools are available on Windows and Linux and in various editions. Click here to view the content of the different editions. Editions of older releases may have a different content.