The SLE88 toolset from TASKING offers the most efficient and streamlined development environment for the 32-bit SLE88 ChipCard architecture from Infineon® Technologies. The Embedded Development Environment provides a complete platform for all of your workflow needs with industry-leading compiler and debugger technology.



  • Stay at the top of your productivity with a TASKING Embedded Development Environment.
  • Develop the most compact and fastest-executing code with TASKING compiler technology.


  • Generate the most optimized and reliable code with our highly optimized C compiler package.
  • Easily output your compiled code in industry-standard formats including ELF and IEEE-695.


  • Generate error-proof code that runs for years with the CrossView Pro Debugger.
  • Save time inspecting your code for errors and variable contents with our Bubble-Spy technology.


Integrated Embedded Development Environment

  • Powerful and intuitive language sensitive editor.
  • Complete access to entire toolset through unified windows interface.
  • Complete project management system.
  • On-going support for package development.
  • Easy configuration of tools and architecture.

Advanced C/C++/EC++ Compiler

  • Highly optimized C compiler package produces the most efficient code.
  • Comprehensive C function libraries.
  • Advanced optimization technologies.
  • Support for industry-standard output formats including ELF and IEEE-695.
  • Advanced assembler and linker/locator.

CrossView Pro Debugger

  • High-speed simulator debugger.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation.
  • Advanced conditional and complex breakpoints.
  • Symbol edit register windows.
  • Connectivity to Infineon® emulator.
  • Debugging in C, C++ and assembler.
  • Advanced code/data coverage and performance analysis profiling.
  • C and assembly-level trace and stack tracing.
  • Bubble-Spy technology for quick inspection of variable contents.