The TASKING DSP56xxx toolset enables you to produce the most efficient code for your advanced software applications with advanced compiler technology and a comprehensive debugger solution. This toolset comes fully integrated into our Embedded Development Environment, allowing you to take advantage of a unified software platform for your entire development process.



  • Generate the most efficient code possible with advanced C, C++ and EC++ compiler technology.
  • Easily optimize your code with powerful optimization technology including loop recognition, variable usage analysis, and fast parameter passing.
  • Save development time with the most flexible and complete development environment including a powerful assembler, linker and locator.


  • Develop reliable and performance driven applications with a complete Embedded Development Environment.
  • Know exactly how your code will perform in the real world with powerful performance analysis features.


  • Maintain error-free code with the powerful CrossView Pro Debugging Environment.
  • Always stay on top of industry-standard code requirements with full support for ANSI-C and ISO C++.

Supported Devices

Register Definition Files for All Known DSP56xxx Derivatives56301, 56302, 56303, 56304, 56305, 56306, 56307, 56309, 56311, 56321, 56362, 56364, 56366, 56367, 56371, 56372, 56373, 56374, 56602, 56603, 56622, 56651, 56652, 56654, 56671, 56679, 56690, 56694
Supported Derivatives for FreeScale Symphony Studio Development56720, 56724, 56721, 56725
Locator Descriptor Files for All Known DSP56xxx ADM and EVM56301ADM, 56651ADM, 56654ADM, 56302EVM, 56303EVM, 56307EVM, 56309EVM, 56311EVM, 56321EVM, 56362EVM, 56603EVM, 56671EVM, 56690EVM