The TASKING® Multi Core Performance Tool is a cost-efficient tool that enables expert and non-expert users to optimize the available bandwidth of each core and to improve system performance for embedded software running on a given platform with Infineon AURIXTM devices. 

Integrating the TASKING® Multi Core Performance Tool into your software development process and test flow offers a means to identify and address performance issues immediately and to reach a safe and equally distributed system load. As a result, either the cost of the hardware used can be reduced, or additional features can be implemented without increasing the hardware cost.



  • The tool accurately measures the behavior and interaction of all software running on an AURIX multi-core device during runtime
  • Points to the tasks and functions which overloads the cores
  • Detects and highlights the time slot when a core overload happens


  • Provides clear guidance to reach a safe and equally distributed system
  • Core load and RTOS analysis results displayed in the GUI
  • ISO26262 compliance achieved via ASPICE level 2 tool development process

(no hidden)costs

  • Affordable tool
  • Easy deployment in existing software development environments via command-line batch mode
  • Reduces system production cost by preventing the use of overdimensioned hardware

Supported Devices

The TASKING Multi Core Performance Tool uses the Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) for on-chip trace support. The following table shows the devices that are supported by the TASKING Multi Core Performance Tool.

The TASKING Multi Core Performance Tool connects to the target via the latest Device Access Server driver (DAS) or via any of the Device Access Port (DAP) miniWigglers that are supported by the DAS drivers. All debug interfaces supported by the Infineon miniWigger can also be used to connect to the target hardware.

DeviceDevice MCDS type