TASKING provides training and consulting services to help you take full advantage of your development process. Whether you’re just getting started with TASKING or need some focused optimization for your current development workflow, we offer personalized services to meet your specific needs.

Consulting Services

TASKING offers a variety of consulting services to help you stay at your most efficient and competitive.

Code Optimization

Developing applications for industry-leading companies requires the most lean and efficient code. TASKING will work with you to carefully optimize your code for the highest degree of performance, safety, and reliability.

Design Methodologies

Undertaking the complexity of a new design challenge is never easy. TASKING will work with you to develop the most efficient and documented workflow for complex applications including multi-core design.

Development Services

Need a hand integrating TASKING technology into your existing architecture? TASKING provides specialized development services including:

  • Comprehensive MCAL driver development
  • Integration of TASKING technology into existing toolsets
  • ISO 26262 certification development kit and services