The Bosch GTM IP module provides a critical generic timer platform for the most complex applications in the automotive industry including power train, power steering, chassis, and transmission control. To accomplish these tasks at pinpoint accuracy, the module runs with minimal CPU interaction and unloads the CPU from handling interrupt service requests as much as possible.

This level of interaction is only possible with the backing of a complete development environment provided by the TASKING Bosch GTM software development platform. The TASKING C compiler for the GTM makes use of enhancements from the third generation of GTM silicon and delivers significant functional enhancements to the platform, providing the most efficient code and optimized execution environment.



  • Take advantage of all your integrated C compilers needs for all cores of a CPU in one unified IDE.
  • Develop the fastest, smallest, and most optimized code possible with industry-leading optimization tools.
  • Save hours on your development time and optimize your memory layout with the versatile linker script language.
  • Cut hours off of your development workflow with the fastest build times for your project.


  • Work in the most stable development environment with reliable and accurate code-generation tools.
  • Offer the best long-term support to your customers for the lifetime of your products.
  • Get guaranteed support for all compiler versions, including Legacy builds.
  • Work with proprietary development technology from the R&D experts at TASKING.


  • Always meet industry safety requirements with software security arrangements.
  • Always stay in compliance with your ISO 26262 compliance roadmap with full support from TASKING.
  • Remain in full control of your source code with closed-source code-generation and libraries.
  • Produce code which is continuously qualified against industry-standard test suites and reference applications.

Supported Devices

This TASKING toolset supports new microcontroller generations and derivatives with the GTM IP module included, like Infineon AURIX™ 2nd Generation devices.

InfineonTC35x, TC36x, TC37x, TC38x and TC39x
NXP/Freescale MPC5xxxMPC5777M, MPC58xx
STMicroelectronics SPC58xSPC58NE84C3 (GTM 343), SPC58NE84E7 (GTM 343)
RenesasRH850/P1H-C, RH850/P1M-C