The TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX has been jointly developed with Infineon and contains expert-level knowledge about the dependencies between peripheral modules and device pins. The tool enables both novice and expert users to quickly configure AURIX microcontrollers by making connections between port pins and peripherals. It provides the vital function to execute feasibility studies, select the lowest cost hardware device for a given set of requirements, and to create device initialization code in the most cost-effective way.


  • The Pin Mapper tool reduces developer time and costs, while improving the quality of results.
  • The Pin Mapper reduces miscommunication between individuals and teams by creating all project files from one source. The Pin Mapper creates: device initialization code in ISO-C format, a spreadsheet (CVS) file for project documentation, and a schematic symbol block that can be imported by PCB design tools such as Altium Designer.
  • Configuration errors/conflicts are detected at entry time and can be either automatically resolved by the Built-in Conflicts Solver or solved manually. Whereas traditionally such errors remain hidden until code has been generated and is tested.
  • Configuration takes place via an intuitive Eclipse based GUI with built-in knowledge about AURIX devices and packages. This saves the developer from the tedious task of consulting piles of Device Manuals and maintaining configuration settings in spreadsheets.

Please note the generated code of the Pin Mapper is meant to work together with the Infineon iLLD library. This library is not part of the product, you have to obtain it from Infineon.

A free copy of the TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX can be requested here.

Supported Devices

AURIX TC2xx FamilyTC22x, TC23x, TC26x, TC27x, TC29x
AURIX TC3xx FamilyTC33x, TC35x, TX36x, TC37x, TC38x, TC39x