The 196/296 toolset provides a complete application development environment for industry-leading 8 and 16-bit microprocessors. The TASKING Embedded Development Environment (EDE) unifies your workflow process and provides the most efficient and flexible platform for all of your development needs.



  • Stay at the top of your productivity with a complete embedded development environment.
  • Develop the most compact and fastest-executing code with TASKING compiler technology.
  • Generate the most optimized and efficient code with advanced C compiler technology.


  • Develop the most stable and reliable code with the powerful code-generation tools in the 196/296 toolset.
  • Get support for the lifetime of your compiler from the experts at TASKING for all 16 and 20 bit 196/296 microcontrollers.


  • Always generate standardized code with full support for ANSI-C standards.
  • Maintain error-free code with powerful tag browsing and type-ahead features.