Complete 196/296 Development Solution

  • Flexible Embedded Development Environment includes all the tools needed for a complete development workflow.
  • Integrated tools deliver an efficient edit-compile-link process.
  • Optimized ANSI compliant C compiler produces the fastest code in the industry.
  • Support for all 16 and 20 bit 196/296 microcontrollers from Intel and Aeroflex.
  • Architecture specific language extensions.
  • Interrupt functions in C and in-line assembly.
  • Vertical register Windowing in C.
  • Support for single-precision floating points.
  • Complete ANSI C and runtime support libraries included in source code.
  • Full support for Intel OMF-96 and Intel HEX.
  • Advanced Macro Assembler, Linker/Locator and Utilities.
  • Easily start new projects with makefile generation.

Advanced language sensitive editor
provides the most intuitive development environment with:

  • Project Spaces: Group multiple projects in one view.
  • CodeSense: Advanced coding assistance with type-ahead features.
  • Tags Browsing: Provides a graphical overview of application's cross-references.
  • CodeFolio: Easily insert snippets of template code with macro support.
  • Split Windows: Split code views horizontally or vertically.
  • HTML View Window: Browse through product manuals or documentation in your development environment.