The Power Architecture software development toolset includes a complete C compiler solution for Power Architecture automotive chips from Freescale and STMicroelectronics. This toolset offers compiler compatibility with the TASKING VX-toolsets and offers efficient and optimized code generation tools with support for multi-core variants.



  • Create the most efficient and optimized code with industry-leading code-optimization tools for both speed and size.
  • Easily optimize your code for maximum performance with the Versatile Linker Script Language.
  • Save time compiling your completed code with industry’s shortest compile-link build times.


  • Develop the most stable and reliable code with the powerful code-generation tools in the Power Architecture toolset.
  • Always have support available with complete legacy version support of frozen compiler versions.
  • Work with proprietary development technology from the R&D experts at TASKING.


  • Stay in complete compliance with industry-standard safety regulations including ISO 26262 for the life of your project.
  • Meet every qualification tests for your compilers with industry-standard test suites and real-time application qualifications.

Supported Devices

STMicroelectronicsSPC5 SERIES