IDE and C Optimized Compiler

  • Complete development environment unified in Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.
  • IDE provides support for platform extendability through third-party plugins.
  • C compilers with integrated static code analysis for MISRA C and CERT C. Conforms to diverse range of industry standards including ISO/IEC, MISRA C, EABI, ELF/DWARF, and more.
  • Includes fully integrated C libraries, run-time libraries, and floating-point libraries in source code.
  • Support for advanced multi-core development.
  • Comprehensive code profiling support for collecting application statistics and identifying areas needing efficiency improvements.
  • Run-time error checking to detect errors during program execution.
  • Advanced code optimization techniques includes TASKING Code Compaction optimization.
  • Similar functionality to other TASKING VX-toolsets provides easy migration between architectures.

Assemblers, Linker / Locator, Utilities

  • Integrated Power Architecture assembler.
  • Versatile linker/locator script language.
  • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities and section allocation.
  • Automatic and user-specific ability to allocate target memory.
  • Full support for parallel builds on multi-core systems providing faster compilations.
  • Included map file viewer allows for easy analysis of project builds.

Integrated Debugger

  • Brand new debugger technology fully integrated into Eclipse IDE.
  • Full support for latest industry debugging trends including multi-core application development.
  • Support for debugging in C and assembly through a simulator or on-chip debugger.
  • On-chip debugging supported through debug probe from P&E Microcomputer Systems
  • Comprehensive board support for popular evaluation boards.
  • Standalone debugger included for running debugger scripts from the command line.

Supported Devices

FreescaleQorivva MPC56xx
STMicroelectronicsSPC5 Series