Item File/Notes
Debugger driver

The Infineon DAS driver for the miniWiggler are available from the TASKING site: 

  • DAS driver v6.0.0 recommended for TASKING Embedded Debugger v1.0
  • DAS driver v7.0.6 required for 64-bit TASKING applications like TASKING Embedded Debugger v1.1 and higher
    Note: we recommend to first execute DAS_V7.0.6_Setup_WIN32.exe to support existing 32-bit TASKING products, then execute DAS_V7.0.6_Setup_WIN64.exe to support TASKING 64-bit products.

Note that Infineon may make newer versions available on their own website. Please understand that these newer versions may not work with your toolset version though, so it is advised to keep a backup copy of your existing installation upon trying a new version