What's new

Features and enhancements in v6.3r1 of the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore, added after v6.0r1. Here are the highlights what’s new:

  • Support for the AURIX TC3xx architecture TC1.6.2 and latest derivatives.
  • 64-bit application for improved performance.
  • Additional C compiler intrinsics for AURIX TC3xx and MCS.
  • New functionality to work with Position Independent Modules.
  • Support for C++14 language extensions and libraries.
  • Full support for C11 atomic types.
  • Run-time stack overflow management for all cores.
  • The 8051 (XC800) compiler supports the stand-by controller (SCR) of AURIX TC3xx.
  • Developed in accordance to ASPICE level 2 criteria.
  • Compliant with all TriCore EABI versions including v3.0.
  • Support for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1 rules for secure coding practices.
  • TriCore compiler optimization to improve performance in loop constructs.
  • Improved core stack estimates for multi core projects.
  • C++11 libraries and wide-character C libraries.
  • Improved debugger's launch preparation time and download time of larger applications.
  • Hardware debug support has been added for several Infineon boards.
  • Support for DAS v7.0.6 (64-bit) of Infineon.
  • Support for BOSCH ADX Specification (TriCore and MCS).
  • The linker can generate MPU configuration data, that can be used by the application to ensure freedom from interference between different software functions.
  • The Safety Checker can generate XML output besides human-readable text.

A detailed overview of all changes in the latest release is provided in Product Support.