IDE and C/C++ optimizing compilers

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse. Tightly integrates the TriCore toolset (with all of its included compilers and debuggers) into the IDE and enables extensibility through 3rd party plug-in support
  • C/C++ compilers with integrated static code analysis for MISRA C and CERT C. Includes C/C++ compiler for TriCore/AURIX/AURIX TC3xx, and C compiler for Hardware Security Module (HSM), XC800 Standby controller (SCR) and MCS/GTM timer module of AURIX TC3xx, and Peripheral Control Processor (PCP)
  • Conforms to industry-leading standards including: ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E), ISO/IEC 14882:2011, MISRA C, CERT C, Infineon TriCore EABI, ANSI/IEEE-754, and ELF/DWARF
  • Complete C/C++ libraries, run-time libraries, and floating-point libraries included in source code
  • Code profiling support included in the compiler for collecting application statistics to help identify areas that require efficiency improvements
  • Complete run-time error checking to help detect errors during program execution
  • Code Compaction optimization for up to 10% more compact code on TC1.6 core based TriCore derivatives
  • Code Compaction optimization for up to 5% more compact code on TC1.3/TC1.3.1 based TriCore derivatives
  • Similar functionality to VX-toolset for C166, RH850 and Power Architecture allowing for easier migration between architectures
  • TASKING® Pin Mapper for AURIX™

Assemblers, Linker / Locator, Utilities

  • Dedicated assemblers for TriCore, HSM, XC800, PCP, and MCS
  • Advanced multi-core and simple style multi-core support, developed in collaboration with Infineon and leading automotive powertrain Tier One suppliers
  • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities
  • Data/code section allocation
  • Automatic and user specified allocation in target memory
  • Make utility with support for parallel builds on multi-core systems for faster compilations
  • Comprehensive map file for detailed build and stack analysis
  • Widely appreciated high-level ELF-object dumper
  • Data Reference Modification (Variable Editing) functionality

Integrated Debugger

  • New debugger technology fully integrated into Eclipse with support for multi-core application development
  • Debug in C++, C and assembly through a simulator or On-Chip (OCSD) debugger
  • Simulator debuggers for all cores
  • On-Chip debugging supported through the Infineon miniWiggler with DAP interface
  • OCDS and TASKING debugger utilize Infineon’s Device Access Server (DAS) included with toolset
  • Remote debugging over a TCP/IP network with DAS
  • Board support for standard evaluation boards from Infineon and 3rd-party boards included. Integrated support for programming flash memory

Supported Devices

A complete list of Tricore devices can be found on the Infineon website.

TC1130 and TC116x FamilyTC1130, TC1164, TC1166
AUDO Next Generation TC1762, TC1764, TC1766, TC1792, TC1796
AUDO FutureTC1167, TC1197, TC1736, TC1767, TC1797
AUDO MAXTC1184, TC1724, TC1728, TC1746, TC1748, TC1782, TC1784, TC1791, TC1793, TC1798
AUDO STC1337, TC1367, TC1387, TC1768
AURIX TC2xx FamilyTC21x, TC22x, TC23x, TC23x_ADAS, TC26x, TC27x, TC29x
AURIX TC3xx Family (next generation AURIX)TC35x, TC36x, TC37x, TC38x and TC39x

Please Note: Contact us directly or visit our support page for availability information regarding older TASKING TriCore toolset releases or to inquire about support for new AURIX 2nd Generation derivatives.



Various Editions of the TASKING TriCore toolset

The TriCore VX Software Development Tools are available on Windows and Linux and in various editions. Click here to view the content of the different editions. Editions of older releases may have a different content.