Complete Embedded Development Environment (EDE)

  • Fully integrated development environment to edit, build, debug, and test applications.
  • Fully customizable working and application environment.
  • Intuitive project set-up and management tools.
  • Powerful language sensitive editor.
  • Easy configuration of C, C++/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker, locator, and debugger.

Optimized C/C++/EC++ Compiler

  • Conforms fully to ANSI C X3.159-1989 and the X3J16 C++ standards.
  • Support for C++ templates, dynamic casts, run-time identification and exception handling.
  • Processor-specific runtime libraries, including source.
  • 100% Motorola Assembly Language (MASM) compatible.
  • Support for multiple locator output formats.

CrossView Pro Debugger

  • Multiple viewing windows and customizable display windows.
  • Mixed-mode source/assembly display.
  • “Bubble-spy” to quickly examine variables and/or functions.
  • Support for code, data and complex breakpoints.
  • Advanced assertions for hard to find errors.
  • Direct access to memory and registers.
  • Record and playback debug sessions.
  • Comprehensive debugging support for ROM monitors, simulators and BDM/JTAG.
  • Detailed performance analysis through code profiling, code coverage, and graphical data analysis.
  • RTOS aware debugging including support for OSEK.

Supported Devices

Freescale 68K, DragonBall 68328, CPU32, and ColdFire processorsMCF5204, MCF5206, MCF5206E, MCF5207, MCF5208, MCF5211, MCF5212, MCF5213, MCF5214, MCF5216, MCF5232, MCF5233, MCF5234, MCF5235, MCF5249, MCF5249L, MCF5270, MCF5271, MCF5272, MCF5274, MCF5274L, MCF5275, MCF5275L, MCF5280, MCF5281, MCF5282, MCF5307
MC68328, MC68EZ328, MC68VZ328, MC68SZ328, MC68302, MC68306, MC68330, MC68331, MC68332, MC68336, MC68340, MC68360, MC68F375, MC68376, MC68000, MC68HC000, MC68HC001, MC68EC000, MC68SEC000, MC68008, MC68010, MC68020, MC68EC020, MC68030, MC68EC030, MC68040, MC68EC040, MC68LC040, MC68V040, MC68060, MC68EC060, MC68LC060
CAST, Evatronix: Synthesizable CoresC68000, C68000-AHB