Complete C166 Compiler Solution

  • Includes C, C++ and EC++ compilers with MISRA C code checking and CrossView Pro Debugging Environment. - First C166 compiler to include STLport C++ library.
  • Embedded Development Environment provides push-button control of all development tasks.
  • Symbolic register support to simplify start-up code setup.
  • Integrated support for programming Flash memory.
  • Automatic generation of start-up code.
  • Advanced CAN library functions and sample code in C.
  • Powerful assembler, linker and locator generates ROMable code for total flexibility.
  • Real-time kernel support with User Stack Model Libraries.
  • Free MiniTASK kernel included for time-sliced task swapping.

CrossView Pro C166/ST10 Debugger

  • High-speed simulator, OCDS and ROM monitor debugger for debugging in C++, C and Assembler.
  • Flexible GUI with fully configurable windows for data, memory and source.
  • Support for multiple breakpoint types.
  • C and Assembly level trace and stack tracing.
  • Instruction Set Simulator including extensive peripheral simulation and symbolic register support.
  • Support for Infineon Device Access Server (DAS)
  • OSEK kernel aware debugging ORTI 2.0 and 2.1 based.
  • Symbolic register support in EDE and CrossView Pro Debugger.
  • Advanced I/O simulation using files or windows.
  • Comprehensive peripheral simulator in CrossView Pro Simulator.
  • Code/data coverage and profiling in CrossView Pro Simulator Debugger.
  • On-chip debugging support for Infineon evaluation boards.
  • Plug-and-play ROM monitor debugger for evaluation boards.
  • Support for ROM monitor debugging via CAN, Serial Port or TCP/IP (remote PC).

Supported Devices

Infineon® TechnologiesC161, C163, C164, C165, C166S VX, C167
XC161, XC164, XC167
XE164, XE167
IPextreme®C166S V1 CORE
STMicroelectronics®ST10X163, ST10X165, ST10X167, ST10X168, ST10X169, ST10X172
ST10X251, ST10X252, ST10X262, ST10X269, ST10X271, ST10X272, ST10X273, ST10X275, ST10X276, ST10X280, ST10X286, ST10F296, ST10F397, STESF10C
SUPER10M340, SUPER10M345