Complete LC87 Development Solution

  • Lifetime support for LC87 microprocessor family from ON Semiconductor®.
  • Conforms to all common and compiler relevant C, ISO, IEEE and ABI standards.
  • Industry-leading code optimization techniques provide the fastest and most compact code possible.
  • Powerful C compiler technology based on TASKING Viper technology.
  • Complete development environment with assembler, linker, locator, compiler, and debugger.
  • Fully integrated development environment in Eclipse-based IDE.
  • Supports all current and future starter kit boards through debugger.
  • Support for industry-leading code checking standards including MISRA C and CERT C.
  • Powerful code instrumentation and run-time error checking capabilities.
  • Comprehensive C, run-time, and floating-point libraries.
  • New debugger technology fully integrated into Eclipse IDE.
  • Support for Easy Micon® trial boards.