Complete Embedded Development Environment

  • Powerful language sensitive code editor.
  • Flexible project management system with automatic makefile generation.
  • Easily select supported M16C and R8C/Tiny derivatives.
  • Simple configuration for tools and target devices.
  • Advanced editing features including CodeSense®, CodeFolio® and Tags Browsing.

Optimized C/EC++/C++ Compiler

  • ISO C’99 and ISO C++ 14882-1998 compliant.
  • Scalable C++ development environment.
  • Support for MISRA-C: 2004 code-checking guidelines.
  • Available M16C language extensions.
  • Support for three memory models.
  • Powerful run-time error checking system.
  • Profiling support using code instrumentation techniques.
  • Integrates C ANSI/IEEE-754 floating point libraries.

Powerful Assembler, Linker and Locator

  • Integrated M16C macro assembler.
  • Versatile linker/locator script language.
  • Powerful data/code overlaying facilities.
  • Data/code section allocation.
  • Automatic and user specific allocation in target memory.
  • Industry standard ELF/Dwarf output format.

CrossView Pro Debugger

  • Easy and intuitive source level debugging in C or assembly.
  • Powerful conditional and complex breakpoints.
  • Interrupt protected debugging.
  • Powerful profiling performance analysis options.
  • Programmable Graphical Data Analysis.
  • Plug-and-play support for M16C Eval-boards.
  • RTOS-aware debugging support.
  • Integrated Remote Evaluation Board Access Server.

Supported Devices

Supported M16C and R8C/Tiny GroupsM16C/60, M16C/30, M16C/20, M16C/10, M16C/TINY, R8C/TINY