We’ve added a number of new features and enhancements in v4.0 of the VX C166/ST10 toolset. 

  • Faster build process through improved caching.
  • Support for the MISRA C:2012 guidelines.
  • High Level Dump tool updated with many new functions.
  • Improvements to the libraries and floating point support.
  • Various C++ compiler improvements, including initial support for new language standards.
  • Improved debugger, including support for updated Infineon DAS drivers.
  • Many toolset issues have been addressed, improving the toolset's stability and code generation reliability.
  • Eclipse IDE updated to “Luna” platform v4.4.1 and CDT v8.5.0, and to support the new toolset functionalities.
  • ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification Kit available on request.

For an overview of all the changes in the latest version of the VX C166/ST10 toolset please read the release notes.