Complete C166/ST10 Development Solution

  • Integrated Development Environment based on Eclipse with support for third-party plugins.
  • Efficient C, C++, and EC++ compilers that conform with all industry-leading standards including ISO/IEC and ANSI-C.
  • Integrated static code analysis functionality included in the C compilers for MISRA C and CERT C standards.
  • Complete library support including C/C++ libraries, run-time libraries, and floating-point libraries included in source code.
  • Application wide automatic allocation for faster code without needing to use memory qualifiers.
  • Efficient code compaction optimization with application wide code density optimizations.
  • Global type checking by compiler and linker for verification of types.
  • Powerful assembler and linker/locator powered by versatile linker script language.
  • Project Wizard for quick setup.
  • Integrated conversion utilities for easy project migration from classic TASKING C166/ST10 toolset or from Keil C166 Development Tools.
  • Import wizard and refresh options for Infineon DAvE projects.
  • Integrated support for programming Flash memory.
  • Generation of ELF/DWARF 3.0 outputs for tool interoperability.
  • Full support for all C166 and popular ST10 derivatives.

Integrated Debugger

  • Powerful debugger engines available for debugging in C++, C and assembly.
  • Integrated Simulation, On-Chip (OCDS) and ROM monitor debugging.
  • Seamless debugger integration with Eclipse IDE.
  • Simulator debugger included with all product bundles.
  • Support for OSEK kernel-aware debugging including ORTI 2.0 and 2.1.
  • Standalone GUI-free debugger available for automated test scripts.
  • Built-in wizard that assists with configuring projects to run on an evaluation board.
  • On-Chip debugging supported through miniWiggler adapter for Infineon evaluation boards.
  • OCDS takes advantage of Infineon’s Device Access Server (DAS) allowing for remote debugging over TCP/IP network.
  • Plug-and-play ROM monitor debugger ready for many evaluation boards and configurable to your own hardware.